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At Mr X Stitch we love to review textile art and embroidery books for you. There are so many great books to discover, packed with needlework inspiration and textile techniques, so we dive into each book to find out what’s good, what’s bad and let you know why you should pick it up.


Today we are reviewing Beautiful Embroidered Accessories by Lexi Mire Brantman, published by Page Street Publishing.

Within Beautiful Embroidered Accessories, Lexi Mire Brantman will teach you how to hand embroider your hats, bandanas and any other pre-loved clothing which could do with a freshen up. All you will need to do is choose a pattern from the various selection provided and follow Brantman’s simple instructions and templates, to be able to create unique embroidered accessories.

About The Author

Lexi Mire Brantman is the founder of Mire Made Embroidery, a company selling embroidery art and where she is able to turn her attention to teaching using her own style, which we observe on the embroidery she creates within Beautiful Embroidered Accessories. She lives in Florida and works in wedding photography as well as embroidery. Her Instagram account is worth checking out too, as well as her official website.

Beautiful embroidered accessories LM Brantman about the author
About the author.

Who Is This Book Aimed At?

This book will appeal to those who do not have much stitching experience , as the instructions are easy to follow and the templates and patterns are all provided. We feel that younger readers will engage with the type of projects.


There are twenty five designs to play with, which we can of course tailor to our own style.

Beautiful embroidered accessories LM Brantman contents list
A look at the contents list.

The book also contains templates which you can use to recreate Lexi’s designs with ease.

Beautiful embroidered accessories LM Brantman template
Helpful templates are provided so readers can copy her designs.
Beautiful embroidered accessories LM Brantman introduction
The introduction has been written in a conversational style.
Beautiful embroidered accessories LM Brantman embroidery basics
The section on Embroidery Basics will help less experienced readers.

The book has over 60 illustrations that help explain the techniques and processes in each design. So that readers do not get lost along the way, the author has created step-by-step outlines for each project.

Beautiful embroidered accessories LM Brantman stages
Step-by-step illustrations are used throughout the book.

With each project, Lexi explains the skill level, the materials that are needed and the specific thread colours she used to get the result in the book. While this level of detail is useful for the beginner, there’s no reason why you couldn’t make your own colour decisions to personalise these accessories even further.

Beautiful embroidered accessories LM Brantman model
An example of one of the projects inside the book – Wildflower Magic hat
Beautiful embroidered accessories LM Brantman neck tie
Another project example – neck ties


As Lexi Mire Brantman is also a wedding photographer, she is able to use her skills to take real good quality images of her creations.

Beautiful embroidered accessories LM Brantman hair tie
We love this hair scarf.
Beautiful embroidered accessories LM Brantman leaf
Another project – a bum bag!

The book is packed with big photographs that really add value in terms of instruction and inspiration.

What Is Special About The Book?

The accessories to embroider are boho and with things like bum bags and caps, she’s clearly aiming at fun loving outdoorsy type of young people. 

Beautiful embroidered accessories LM Brantman floral patches
Lovley floral patches.
Beautiful embroidered accessories LM Brantman patches
What will you add a patch to?

Anything Wrong With The Book?

Contents wise, we sense that the book itself might go out of date eventually as the projects are not as timeless as other publications; however it is an attractive, easy to read book.


With 25 projects and 60 photographs, Beautiful Embroidered Accessories will be a fun read for a wide audiance. The projects are fun with a boho retro feel, covering hats, bandanas, neck ties and clothing patches. The authors simple method of teaching really helps readers to feel confident enough to try out the ideas for themselves. The templates and patterns are really helpful and make copying Brantman’s designs easy.

Beautiful Embroidered Accessories by Lexi Mire Brantman is available to purchase right here and you are supporting independent book shops when you do!

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