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Belle McCluskey’s millinery atelier, Boring Sidney has built a reputation for the unusual, finding beauty in the strange and wonderful. She credits her own strange upbringing and constantly weird existence for this aesthetic… but never quite shares what this means. We are left wondering and marveling at whatever life experience created a mind and imagination so rich with ideas.


photography by Ting Shen
photography by Ting Shen

Her work is far from ‘boring’. Her shop name is actually taken from “Sid and Nancy”. After 20 years in the business, she manages to hold on to this early punk influence.

Belle McCluskey is Boring Sidney
photography by Ting Shen

Her most recent collection of deep sea creatures included many pieces with internal illumination.

Boring Sidney Blue Illumination
photography by Ting Shen

She has a gift for combining traditional materials such as sinamay and jinsin with non-traditional objects she finds everywhere from floral supply stores to hardware stores.

photography by Ting Shen
photography by Ting Shen


This piece inspired by a vampire squid is more than three feet wide, and pointy. It has captured the aggressive and dangerous essence of the creature it is inspired by.


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Her work can be found in her Etsy store and her web-page.


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