Book Review – Felting Fashion

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Felting Fashion, Creative and Inspirational techniques for feltmakers by Lizzie Houghton

Published by Batsford


Although there are plenty felt making books out there, very few focus on the fashion element, how can be wear our woollen master creations?  That’s the subject of this book.

Who is it aimed at?

Those who have some inkling towards felt making and want to take their skills up a level to create garments.  Be warned, you are gonna need a lot of the woolly kind!

About the artist

Houghton has a history of fashion experience, which makes her take on felt making exciting and even clothes pattern based where needed.  She lives in London and exhibits and teaches this specialist subject.


There are variety of methods taught within this book.  Those who are aware of felt making to some extent, will recognise skills such as ‘Nuno felt’, which is the incorporation of another material with the wool when felting, i.e. silk fabric.

Plenty of choices

If we are a bit scared to begin with bigger projects, smaller ideas are also discussed.  Why not get your confidence stronger with one of these brooches?

Manageable ideas are given alongside the more complex.

We liked the imagery of the equipment needed to make the felt in the first place.  This makes it easy for us all to go into a shop and have an idea what to purchase:

There’s a black of soap for you, fancy this one on your sink?!

What makes it special?

The excitement some will get from the fashion ideas is a possible highlight….Look at this:

Fancy making a jacket which you can be assured no one else will have?

The ideas and instructions to make each item are open to interpretation.  For example, it is up to us what colour materials we will choose.  We can have full pattern control too (to the extent the method allows).


Inspiration is something we might not think about in relation to felt making in this way, however Houghton lets us in to what influences her colour choices:

There is vibrant photos throughout, not just of the felt but what goes on behind the scenes.

Obviously the felt close ups showcasing the patterns and colour and great too:

Pattern close up.

What is wrong with the book?

If you don’t like felt…..then you have turned the wrong cover!

If however you think you want to push your skills a bit further and be a bit braver with your ideas (and what you wear) then this is for you!  It is not for those who don’t love colour that’s for sure!


Lastly we will mention the great patterns found within this book:

Not left to our own devices, we are given both the idea and the ‘how to’.

We feel this is worth mentoning, as it may be that you are a dress maker and looking to play with a new skill.  Patterns such as the above may make this more familiar to you!

Felting Fashion, Creative and Inspirational techniques for feltmakers by Lizzie Houghton, published by Batsford is available just by clicking through this link!



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