Book Review – Hoop Art

Mr X Stitch Book Review

Hoop Art by Cristin Morgan 

Published by Search Press

Introduction The traditional embroidery hoop, a well loved, well known tool to most of us. However how can it be used?  What place does it have in our day?  This book takes a modern look at how to use this tool and how its cool as well as useful………. Who is it aimed at? Beginners as well as those wanting new ideas; it is achievable! About the artist Cristin Morgan is an accessories designer turned contemporary embroidery artist. Inspired by nature, colour, texture and graphic design, Cristin believes that embroidery deserves a place outside of the hoop. Her work can be found on her website and on her Instagram where she also shares a behind-the-scenes look into her creative process with her 15.5K followers…..not a bad following eh?
The book is very personal to the author, which makes it appealing to a young audience.
Content There are plenty of projects outlined in this publication.  Ones which are hoop art based and others which eventually venture outside of our round companion….
hoop art
Note that this book has loads on techniques and stitches, so we are never left not knowing what to do!
Photography There is plenty of lovely styling in this book; very Instagram worthy and appropriate.
Pictures like this help us to visualise how to use what we make.
This book has imagery and instructions on ways of working we might have not thought of; we love these hoops, overflowing with rainbows. Nothing has to be just stuck in the hoop shape!
What makes this book special? We think it has a young appeal.  We imagine this one being given to school age children, to encourage them to have a different hobby.  The hand writing and diagrams are all very kid friendly; making embroidery a fashionable thing to do…. Anything wrong with the book? If you are a traditional embroiderer who doesn’t want to change, this will go over your head. Conclusion Hoop Art by Cristin Morgan is available to buy right now!