Brocade Lion’s Electric Eel

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Most of the time here on Gear Threads we’re all “Look at this pretty thing made on a sewing machine!” Today’s post is a little different. It IS pretty, in a creepy crawly sort of way, but what’s really great here is the look at how it was made.




Brocade Lion (whose awesome has appeared on Mr X Stitch before) wanted to make something special to wear to a fundraiser to bring an electric eel to the country’s oldest aquarium. (A fashion challenge we all encounter sooner or later, no?) So she digitized her own electric eel design for machine embroidery, and incorporated it into a LED-studded headband.




In a detailed and entertaining blog post, she demonstrates step by step how she created the machine embroidery design, from initial concept, to preparing the art, to digitizing the embroidery, to glowy finished project.




If you’re ever wondered how one might create a machine embroidery design, check this out! The process can vary depending on the tools and skills at a digitizer’s disposal, but this is an awesome overview of the technical and artistic considerations that go into making a design. Read the whole post here!


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