In Goldworx, embroidery superstar Hattie McGill explores the world of goldwork, stumpwork and other fine embroidery types. It’s as good as gold!

Goldworx – Embroidery for an Empress

Welcome back to Goldworx,  I missed last months post and this one is a week…

Sorcha O' Raw Kerrygold
Goldworx – Sorcha O’Raw

Its featured artist time here at Goldworx! Have you heard of Sorcha O’Raw? If you…

Goldworx and the Golden Threads

  Welcome back to another Goldworx blog!  I’ve been teaching goldwork lately and it dawned…

Glorious Goldwork with Golden Hinde

Happy New Year! We are officially over a week into 2019, and as its a…

Hattie McGill's Goldwork Yay
Welcome to Goldworx!

At Mr X Stitch we love goldwork embroidery! It requires finesse but the results are worth it. Our Goldworx column, curated by goldwork maestro Hattie McGill will inspire you to buy a goldwork embroidery kit and try it for yourself! Enjoy some goldwork posts from our archives!