Felter Skelter – Character Felt (Part II)

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Although some artists are fluent in a variety of media, seldom do we see a single concept fully realized in more than one. Occasionally we get to see the sketch or study, but to see a piece come to life in both 2D and in 3D is even rarer, which is why the pieces I want to show you today are so special.

Davina Behin Jones Lorisnail

Davina Behin Jones Lorisnail Davina Behin Jones Lorisnail Davina Behin Jones Nautilus

Davina Behin Jones Nautilus

Davina Behin Jones is an illustrator and needle felter living in San Francisco, CA. She cites a passion for storytelling as her inspiration, which is clearly evident in her work. The examples above show the development of her “Lorisnail” character from concept to both finished illustration and sculpture. The Nautilus character seems to emerge from the background of one illustration and into the subject of its own beautifully detailed sculpture. You can find more of Davina’s felt work and illustration work at http://davinabehinjones.daportfolio.com/

Steph Laberis Raturdae

Steph Laberis RaturdaeSteph Laberis Nautilus

Steph Laberis Nautilus

Steph Laberis is another illustrator who brings her characters to life with needle felt. She is based in Berkeley, CA and specializes in character design for videogames and animation. The examples above demonstrate how skillfully she translates character illustrations into sculptures. Her unique style carries over so seamlessly from one to the other that, when looking at the sculpture and illustration for a piece like “Raturdae,” it’s impossible to tell which came first! Find more of Steph’s creations at http://stephlaberis.carbonmade.com/

Seeing these images side-by-side it is easy to imagine each character having a whole world of their own, however the physicality of the sculptures ground them firmly in our world as well. The pairing of real and imaginary is also present in the characters themselves. The dedication to character and narrative is part of what makes this work so appealing, so thanks to the artists for bringing these creatures into the world and thanks to YOU for reading about them.

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Zoe Williams

Zoe Williams creates needle felt sculptures based on dreams and visions. She lives and works in New York City.

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