Choi & Shine Architects’ ‘The Lace’

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This month we are revisiting a bold light show with our awesome columnist Tracey Wright.  Although we will not be able to visit this particular show, we hope there will be plenty out there in the future for us to enjoy!  In the meantime, let the content of this article and links inspire you….

It’s that time of year again when Christmas is just around the corner, I felt like we needed something bold and bright to cheer us. This time last year I got my winter cosy on with Tharmo Thormstrom’s Ancient Light. This month I’m sticking with the lace and light theme and I bring you Choi & Sine Architects’ The Lace, a stunning piece, one of over 35 artworks currently on display in the Amsterdam Light Festival 2016.

Choi+Shine’s The Lace Photo Credit: Janus van den Eijnden

Suspended above the Amsterdam canal, The Lace is constructed from 33000 metres of light reflective thread, woven together by 9 people and made up of 18 separate panels of lacework. The Lace portrays the traditional Dutch lace cap and is designed to bring together historical Amsterdam and it’s lace tradition with it’s position in contemporary Amsterdam, as it seemingly levitates in the air, capturing a moment in time.

Choi & Shine Architects' 'The Lace'
Photo Credit: Choi+Shine
The lace up close - Photo Credit: Choi+Shine
The lace up close – Photo Credit: Choi+Shine
Choi & Shine Architects' 'The Lace'
Photo Credit: Choi+Shine

Designers Choi + Shine describe the way they hoped the public would experience the artwork. The Lace was intended to be experienced differently during the day and night. The Lace interacts with the water and daylight during the day: the daylight on rippled water makes glistening surface of the Lace and the reflection of the Lace makes the mirrored image on the water. The glowing Lace against the dark sky and its ghostly reflection on the dark water creates a mirage, blurring spatial boundary between water and sky. The shadow of the Lace on the building walls creates theatrical effect while the reflection of the Lace on the dark windows makes unexpected juxtaposition.

Choi & Shine Architects' 'The Lace'
Amsterdam with the lace in view – Photo Credit: Choi+Shine

You can read and see more about the The Lace, including some video clips, on Choi+Shine’s website. You can also find out more about this beautiful piece on the Amsterdam Light Festival website.

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