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Welcome to another shiny edition of Gear Threads, where we explore the digital and mechanical side of modern embroidery. Today I wanted to share the amazing machine embroidery of Coral & Tusk, a textile and embroidery company started by Stephanie Housley, a graduate of Rhode Island School of Design.

Coral & Tusk does what I hope to see lots more of, which is utilizing digitized machine embroidery in gorgeous, high end designs.  She features her work on everything from home decor to scarves and accessories, and her machine embroidery technique manages to capture all the whimsy of her beautiful drawing style.

Happily, machine embroidery is starting to become a tool embraced by more interdependent designers. It allows one to create beautiful stitched creations of your own work but offers a much faster process for the production of multiple pieces. What’s more, today’s modern designers are starting to use the tool in new an unexpected ways as they explore techniques to replicate their own personal style.

From an interview on Kingdom of Style, Stephanie explains her process..

 “I generally begin with a drawing on paper or a hand embroidery. I then scan my sketch (or embroidery) and redraw the concept in stitches (literally stitch by stitch!) with software attached to my small embroidery machine. The software allows me to maintain my own style of mark-making, which is essential.”

If you’re smitten with these embroidered wares, you can see more over on the website of Coral & Tusk.


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