Craft Rocks: Fingerprint Reindeer Christmas Decoration

Craft enthusiast Jo Burgess explores the world of needlecraft in this exclusive column for Mr X Stitch!

Ho ho ho everyone! For this post Christmas column I thought I’d share a Christmas decoration I made for a friend for Christmas. A festive hand sewn reindeer with a very personal twist. First of all I drew an outline of a reindeer I saw online onto some fabric. Then I used some child friendly hand paint – and my friend’s son’s finger – and used his fingerprint to blob on Rudolph’s nose.

Christmas decoration
A cut little finger printed nose


Next I got my black thread out and made eyes from French knots and outlined the reindeer head. Then some brown thread to draw on the ears, and some little antlers made up of chain stitch. I also went round the nose with red thread, just in case the paint faded in years to come, the shape of the fingerprint would still be there.
Christmas decoration
Stitched up and happy with himself


I had bought some tiny hanging frames, so I cut round the reindeer so it was slightly bigger than the internal part of the frame.
Christmas decoration
Cut out (badly) ready to frame


After that I sewed round the back of the fabric to pull it tight so it fitted into the frame properly, screwed the little frame tight, attached the backing panel, and hung it in her tree. It has pride of place as a lovely keepsake of a fabulous tiny finger.
Christmas decoration
Happy in the tree with his little fingerprint nose
Have you made any Christmas decorations? I’d love to see some pics.
Best cake for this make: Christmas cake of course!
Best song for this make: Santa Claus is Comin’ to Town by Bruce Springsteen
Ink: borrowed from a friend for free
Fabric: taken from my stash for free
Thread: taken from my stash for free
Frame: part of a set of ten bought from Amazon for £8.99 so only 89p
Total: 89p (plus chocolate used to keep the child happy enough to finger paint… ha ha)