Craft Rocks: Stash busting sewing headband

Craft enthusiast Jo Burgess explores the world of needlecraft in this exclusive column for Mr X Stitch!Are you watching the Great British Sewing Bee folks? I’m a big fan, so I thought I’d do a Sewing Bee post this month ahead of the big finale on Tuesday night. I can’t decide who I think will win!

If you’re a regular reader of my column you’ll know that I am involved with a great music festival in Northern Ireland called Moira Calling. Last year we asked former Sewing Bee contestant and all round fun sewing pro Angeline Murphy to join us at the festival to run a sewing area. Angeline was on the last series of the Bee, was a regular ‘garment of the week’ winner and a fabulous ambassador for my home country of Northern Ireland.

All day long Angeline, her husband Feargal and I taught people how to sew funky festival headbands using a pattern of Angeline’s. Many of them had never used a sewing machine before so it was a great feeling to introduce them to the craft. Everyone who made headbands wore them during the festival. I also use mine for sewing so Angeline has been kind enough to let me share how they were made in case you fancied one yourself.

Angeline Murphy sewing at Moira Calling 2018

But as a Craft Rocks twist I thought I’d make one using bits out of my scrap bin. I was appalled to hear Patrick Grant say on the Sewing Bee that home sewers waste, on average, a third of their fabric. Not mine. I keep all the scraps in a box. So I had a good rummage and found a few scraps I thought complimented each other – in a Dr Who timey wimey type of way. Yes, I am a geek.

Craft Rocks: Stash busting sewing headband

Usually you would cut out a rectangle of fabric measuring 33” x 6”. So I made a piece of fabric that size to use by cutting scraps of material 3” x 6” and sewing them all together. It was really fun to do. I’ve never done any type of patchwork, but this has made me keen to try!

Craft Rocks: Stash busting sewing headband
Lovely scrappy strips all sewn together

Once I had a bit strip of fabric I ironed the seams flat and folded it in half lengthways, right sides together and sewed up the long side and one short end. Then I ironed the seams flat and turned it the right way around.

Craft Rocks: Stash busting sewing headband
Turned round the right way with seams all matched up

Next we got a piece of flower arranging wire which was longer than the fabric, curled both ends and inserted it into the fabric. Then I sewed up the other short end and the head band was ready to wear. It’s long enough that you can twist the ends in whatever style you want. A fabulous and easy way to keep your hair at bay while you sew – or rock out at a music festival.

Craft Rocks: Stash busting sewing headband
You can wear it with the tips up or down, depending on your mood

What do you do with your scrap fabric?

Best cake for headband sewing: Strawberry cheesecake
Best music for headband sewing: Rock Star by Nickelback
Fabric: Free scraps
Wire: Small part of a £3 roll of wire, about 50p worth
Total: 50p

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