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Mr X Stitch Book ReviewCreative Cloth Explorations:  Adventures in Fairy-Inspired Fiber Art


Okay, so it is a pretty niche sounding title, but can we judge this book by its colourful ethereal cover?  Lets take a look…

Who is it aimed at?

Culea covers the basics and provides information and guidance on using a variety of techniques and lesser known materials.  Professional tips and ideas are also explored, so whether you are used to making dolls or if its just a first glance of interest, there will be something here for you.

About the artist

Culea has written a number of doll related books, each covering a different aspect.  These include:

Creative Cloth Doll Making, Creative Cloth Doll Faces, Creative Cloth Doll Couture, and Creative Cloth Beaded Dolls.

This book does build on the previous four, but also stands on its own as a great source of inspiration.

This artist couldn’t help being creative, her uncle was one of the original animators for Walt Disney!  (We would certainly boast about that fact if we were her!)


The author focuses on certain main projects, which we are encouraged to make our own version of:

From basic techniques and the materials shopping list we need to action, this book has it down.
Book Review - Creative Cloth Explorations
Just in case we miss the list, materials have been artfully photographed to showcase what is needed!

Some materials she uses may be lesser known to us, so the artist illustrates them, so we can visualise their use and recognise them:

Book Review - Creative Cloth Explorations
A collection of silks and wools.

What makes it special?

The content is rather magical and allows us to dip into a fantasy world, where age is not a barrier.  The beauty and unique element of this book, is its beautiful fairy imagery, depicting a number of samples:

Book Review - Creative Cloth Explorations
Close up images help us to see what techniques have been employed.
Book Review - Creative Cloth Explorations
The focused imagery conveys how the embellishment has been done, making it easier to copy.

Notice the amount of faces which appear in the book as a whole.  Culea began her artistic education studying Art as a subject at University.  This led her to specialise in Portrait Painting.  Thus her keen interest in facial features flourishes here, just in a new way than she expected as a student!  This works in our favour as readers, as she can really teach how to create a character…her experience shows.

We also loved how this book covered both 3D dolls and flat pieces, such as book covers for our treasures…

Book Review - Creative Cloth Explorations
We loved how this one was bound together, look at the hand dyed material and eyelets!

All of the above are possible to do ourselves in our own way, with Culea as our guide.


Each piece has been illustrated beautifully, the ideas are exceptional and very individual.

Book Review - Creative Cloth Explorations
Going green, this piece really digs nature.

What is wrong with the book?

It is very fairylike in theme.  So if you are more dark side than Peter Pan, this will go over your head as a bit too sparkly.  However if you enjoy having fun and exploring another artists version of how to be creative with cloth, then give this a go!


Creative Cloth Explorations:  Adventures in Fairy-Inspired Fiber Art is available to purchase through our link!

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