Criss Crossing Paris byFiona Sinclair and Sally-Anne Hayes

Criss-Crossing Paris by Fiona Sinclair and Sally-Anne Hayes

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Criss Crossing Paris byFiona Sinclair and Sally-Anne Hayes

Criss-Crossing Paris by Fiona Sinclair and Sally-Anne Hayes is a cross stitched love letter to one of the most romantic cities in the world.

About the Authors

Fiona Sinclair

Illustrator and Designer Fiona Sinclair is the Creative Director of Fiona Sinclair Designs, an online shop selling a great range of illustrative homewares. Fiona is also a Graphic Designer for “Visual Communication Victoria” and produces illustration and design resources for teachers.

As a regular visitor to Paris, Sally-Anne Hayes bought and restored an apartment in Ile St Louis, Paris, making her the perfect co-author of Criss-Crossing Paris.

Who’s it for?

It goes without saying that this book is for the cross-stitch enthusiast , however, with a Parisian theme, the appeal is wide. Taking us on a journey across the city of love Criss-Crossing Paris is for those with a love of travel, arts and culture.


We begin here, with a well laid-out contents and introduction:

‘Travel takes courage – a willingness to experience, to celebrate the adventure.  our cross-stitch illustrations are born of this. They are not typical counted-thread designs; they are cross-stitch interpretations of Parisian moments captured in a photo.’

Beautifully illustrated contents page with diagrams relating to the cross stitch pieces .

This reiterates the scope Criss-Crossing Paris has beyond those who already cross-stitch. Moving away from traditional cross-stitch patterns , our designs are introduced through photography, an unusual but effective approach.

Patterns and Instructions

What is particularly effective is the concept of turning your travel photos into a different medium of art – what is unique about the pictures we take is that they can capture our personal memories in an instant. With the time it takes to complete a design, it’s fair to say cross-stitch wouldn’t usually be used for this purpose.

Sinclair and Hayes demonstrate with well laid-out pages (as shown below we have the reference image, pattern and finished design all in one place) exactly how it can be done.

Criss-Crossing paris
A view from the authors window translated into a cross-stitch pattern

With each image personal to the authors’ journey across the city, this isn’t your usual tourist map of Paris. Each image is “Instagram worthy”; enough to make you feel like a high-flying travel blogger.

Staging and Stylising

The Parisian theme is consistent throughout, with beautifully staged images including vintage and personal touches:

Criss Crossing Paris byFiona Sinclair and Sally-Anne Hayes
Criss Crossing Paris byFiona Sinclair and Sally-Anne Hayes


There is a great selection of patterns with an array of applications. For example, It’s not just street photography we have the opportunity to stitch – but cool, wearable patterns as seen below. It’s additional touches like these, that give us the full scope of what it means to be, and dress like, a true Parisian.

Criss Crossing Paris byFiona Sinclair and Sally-Anne Hayes


With members of my family living in Paris, I may be ever so slightly biased – but I was really drawn to this book. It’s the inviting and artsy feel that I like the most. Criss-Crossing Paris has given me the chance to see an old city in a new light.

With a mix of projects from the more traditional framed pieces, to others suitable for bags, cushions and buttons – we have plenty of reasons to start creating.

Fiona Sinclair and Sally-Anne Hayes have brought us on their journey through the beautiful city of Paris. We see the city through their eyes, forever immortalising those memories through the medium of cross-stitch.

Start your travel journey

Criss-Crossing Paris by Fiona Sinclair and Sally-Anne Hayes is published by Fil Rouge Press.

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