Curegreed’s Adventure – On Holiday!

Curegreed's Adventures at the Royal School of Needlework

Hi everyone! The talented Curegreed is being kept very busy by The Royal School of Needlework right now, so she’ll be back next year with more tales from the palace.

I thought that in place of Curegreed’s normal post, I would link some of my favorite tutorial resources – because we can’t all attend the Royal School of Needlework!

Mary Corbet at Needle ‘N Thread is a teacher who enjoys embroidery as a hobby. She combines her skills to provide tutorials for various embroidery stitches here.

See Also
Featured Image - Detail of embroidered 3-D plants by Jessie Dickinson - Image Credit, Jutta Klee

Connie G. Barwick over at the cross stitch section of has been a friend of MrXStitch since the beginning, and she has some great tutorials, tips and tricks that you can see here.

Finally, the folks over at the Hand Embroidery Network have been providing tutorials and have also started offering online courses. Be sure to check it out at their blog.

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  • One of my new year’s resolutions is to brush up on my techniques and to learn new skills and stitches. But seeing that the Royal School of Needlework is very far away from me, I have to rely on the internet to learn. I am a very happy member of HEN but I didn’t know about the other two sources. Thanks for the introduction.

    I am a loyal follower of your blog too, although I think this is the first time I comment.

    Merry Christmas!

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