Deviant Discoveries – Star Wars double whammy

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Oh hello, it’s me again. I have been in hiding but I am back and ready to deliver some Deviant Discovery goodies.

I have featured Ahookamigurumi before (you can check that post out here) but I’m just gonna sneak this cross stitch/amigurumi super combo through to get people in the festive spirit…by which I mean The Last Jedi is out in four sleeps time. Not that I am excited or anything. Anyway, who doesn’t love a good Star Wars pun?

Next up with have this gnarly wee stitch by Ruby Emery. I will always be attracted to bold text and motifs and Ruby is nailing it in this piece. You can see more of her work on dA. You can also buy some finished pieces from her website.

Deviant Discoveries - Star Wars double whammy

Non Star Wars themed posts will resume next month!


It's Kate BlandfordKate Blandford is a craft and doodle enthusiast currently working in Bristol. With a penchant for cross stitch and pixels, Kate produces work dabbling in both the handmade and the digital. Her work was once described as ‘shabby chic for Satanists’ due to her love of embroidery, twee skulls and Slayer. You can visit her website here:



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