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Susan Aaron-Taylor Wapiti-Pot

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First, I would just like to do a quick plug for my solo exhibition: EIDOLONS opens April 11th at Ghost Gallery in Seattle (http://ghostgalleryart.com/). I’ll be flying out from New York, so if you’re in the area, I would love to see you at the opening reception.

Zoe Williams Eidolons Show PostcardIn this month’s column, I would like to profile an artist who, although we have never met, I consider to be something of a kindred spirit. Susan Aaron-Taylor creates sculptures based on dreams, archetypes and the collective unconscious. When I discovered her work several years ago, I could hardly believe it – here was another artist working with felt and interested in Jungian psychology. I’ve been following her work ever since, and now I am pleased to give you a glimpse into her dreamscape.

Susan Aaron-Taylor Wapiti-Pot

Susan Aaron-Taylor Dachshund

Susan Aaron-Taylor Terrier

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Susan Aaron-Taylor Rubedo Susan Aaron-Taylor is based in Detroit, where she is on the faculty at the College for Creative Studies. Her work is very much like a dream; she chooses materials that are at once natural and alien, her subject matter simultaneously familiar and strange. Not surprisingly, I am particularly attracted to the animals, but I also appreciate the fragmented, chaotic quality of some of her pieces. It evokes the struggle to remember and reconnect with the dream world after waking.

The creatures that populate her world are very different from my own dream animals, but I think it is fascinating that there are places where our worlds intersect. Jung called it the collective unconscious – a system of archetypes and symbols common to all people – and I think the intersections reside there.

You can find more information and images at http://www.susanaarontaylor.com/. As always if you would like to submit your portfolio for review, or make recommendation on behalf of another artist, please don’t hesitate to contact me!