Drunkard’s Path

Drunkard’s Pathtraditional quilt blocks

One of the things I love the most about traditional quilt blocks is how varied they are and how many possibilities lie within a simple quilt block, when it comes to the layout of a quilt. Perhaps one of the most amazing blocks, in these regards, is the Drunkard’s Path block. When I looked into the history a bit I found that this particular design likely dates back to Egyptian times! As such it has surely been around for a long time.

Drunkard's path quilting block
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When I have thought about the name of this block I wondered if it referred to an actual drunk walking. I envisioned women from times past angry their husband was always late, and drunk, and took her anger out by creating a quilt! There are indications that it may have been used during the days of the Underground Railroad. In addition it was apparently a popular quilt block during Prohibition. But then I also wondered if Drunkard’s path referred to the path of a tornado. Whatever the case I find them fascinating in how many options the quilter has in laying out a block. It is a simple block that is comprised of only 2 pieces, yet holds a myriad of possibilities. I present to you some simple and incredible visions using this timeless quilt block to inspire you!

Drunkard's path quilting block - traditional quilt blocks
Antique Drunkard’s path sold by Cindy’s Antique Quilts
One option provided by FaveQuilts
Another option provided by FaveQuilts
Another from FaveQuilts
FaveQuilts again!
Vintage quilt Sold on Etsy by BlackRain4

I hope you enjoyed this and it urges you to look at other simple quilt blocks in relationship to how they could be arranged for a new and modern take on a classic!