Book Review – Sue Rangeley’s Embroidered Originals

  Sue Rangeley - Embroidered Originals Sue Rangeley has been working with embroidery and fashion for over thirty years. Her first book, Embroidered Originals, is an expression of her love of the form and her artistic ability.

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The book is split into four chapters, three of which bring together amazing pieces of Textile art within the context of specific themes – Frost, Foliage and Flora. Sue shares her original sketches and nature photographs, revealing the masterpieces that she has created in response to the inspiration. Silk, satin, organza, lace, machine embroidery, hand embroidery, beading, crystals; Sue uses all manner of textiles and techniques in her work and the detailed pictures in the book enable you to appreciate the works in all their glory. Chapter 4 – Studio techniques – gives an insight into how Sue weaves her magic and reinforces the breadth of her experience. A range of techniques are covered and you understand how these can be combined to great effect. I really like this book; anyone with an appreciation of embroidery and textiles will enjoy reading it. Michael Wick’s sumptuous pictures of her beautiful works, combined with enough insight into the process, make this a book that inspires and empowers you to try new things. Sue is a master of her craft, and Embroidered Originals is a reflection of the height of her powers. Signed copies are available direct from Sue and can be ordered on line from her website. Feel free to get your copy via our Amazon link!
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