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Millinery Operations with Kristin Silverman

Millinery is the odd one out on this site devoted to embroidery and needlework. … Or is it?

Silverhill Creative - Fedora
This hat sold a long time ago, but it’s still one of my favorites!

On Jamie’s guest appearance on the “While She Naps” podcast, he talked about how millinery was kind of complementary and sort of fit under the larger umbrella of working with needle and thread. So I thought it would be fun to showcase some hand embroidered hats. Millinery and embroidery not just complementary but united in the same piece!

Simple but striking embroidery from Cappellino Millinery:


Roses on a cloche by SH Millinery:



A cloche by me:

Embroidered red swirls on an alabaster cloche.


A cross-stitch style trilby:

Trilby by Justine Hats on Etsy.



A heavily embroidered wide-brim hat:

Hand-embroidered hat by Tissage on Etsy.


Obviously “embroidered hats” encompasses baseball caps with machine embroidery. There are fewer examples of hand-embroidered true millinery hats, but when you find them, you see a perfect pairing of two beautiful art forms!


Silver couched thread on a trilby by Silverhill Creative Millinery.
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Kristin Silverman

Kristin Silverman designs and makes hats under the label Silverhill Creative Millinery. She specializes in vintage-inspired hats for everyday modern wear. Kristin is also a singer and actor.

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