A selection of designs from Evil Dead II - The Book of the Thread by Rebecca Martz-Burley

Evil Dead II – The Book of the Thread – Join the Kickstarter campaign!

For as long as I’ve been Mr X Stitch, I’ve watched Rebecca Martz-Burley, aka DemonMonkeyCrafts, produce all manner of horrific cross stitches. And by that I mean good cross stitches with a deep dose of horror. Bex is a massive Evil Dead fan and when she told me that she was working on a book of Evil Dead designs, I was thrilled for her.

DemonMonkeyCraft's Bex in action


The great news is that Bex’s book is getting closer to reality, and you have the chance to get on board before it comes out, thanks to their Kickstarter campaign! With just under 2 weeks left, the book is at 80% of it’s goal and it would be fantastic to see it come to fruition. If you like horror movies, or you know someone that does, this is a great gift for them. Read all about it at the Kickstarter page and see what rewards you can procure for your patronage!A selection of designs from Evil Dead II - The Book of the Thread by Rebecca Martz-Burley(It’s worth noting that I’ve invested in the campaign, as has Subversive Cross Stitch’s Julie Jackson, and if that’s not a mark of quality then I don’t know what is!)


It’s not going to take much to turn this (scary) dream into a reality and it would be great for Bex to take her place among the ranks of published cross stitch designers. So visit the Kickstarter page and get involved!

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