Felting Favorite Games & TV

Felter Skelter - your essential needle felting column from Mr X Stitch!

Do you have a favorite character from TV, movies, or videogames? This month, I’ve assembled a collection of needle felt creations inspired by some popular shows and games… maybe you’ll recognize some of them. 😉


SetForthForNorth  (Adventure Time)


Jelllyfish Handmade (Adventure Time)

Jennifer Brooks

Jennifer Brooks (Super Mario Bros)

Lauren Andrews

Lauren Andrews (Super Mario Bros)


Lumichi (My Neighbor Totoro)

Olga Lai

Olga Lai (My Neighbor Totoro)


GeekandGamersCrafts (Final Fantasy)


WeezLovesYou (Katamari Damacy)


xxnostalgic (Pokemon)


Yuyoyuyo (Neko Atsume – my own personal favorite!)

Make sure to click on each artist’s name to see more of their wonderful work, and thanks as always for reading!

What Technique Is This?

Needle Felting is the process of using a notched or “barbed” needle to compress layers of wool into denser felt that can be manipulated to create 3D sculptures. It is different to wet felting, which uses water to combine wool fibres, and these days there are a range of felting tools available that can enable you to make your own soft sculptures with ease!

Want Some More Needle Felting Inspiration?