Craftster Pick of the Month – GLOW Cross Stitch

Craftster Pick of the Month

Since 2003, Craftster has been the home of indie crafts, with thousands of people sharing their own creations across a wide range of craft forms. We love Craftster and each month we choose a piece from the world of needlecraft to share with you!. (Note: Although they’re the pick of this month, they may have appeared before this month.)

Jen aka “RandomlyGenerated” has consistently made awesome cross stitches and shared them on Craftster, and her recent homage to the Glamorous Ladies of Wrestling is no exception!

Let’s get ready to crossstitch! It’s GLOW Cross Stitch!

RandomlyGenerated's GLOW Cross Stitch
Choose Your Wrestler!

You can stitch your own version of this by getting the design from Jen’s Etsy Store!

Need more inspiration – check out this sparkly little video Jen made! Those ladies are looking mighty fine!

See the original Craftster post here, and be sure to come back next time for another great pick from the forums!

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