Gear Threads – Stitches Golden Needle Awards

Gear Threads Is The Mr X Stitch Machine Embroidery Column - Presented By Urban Threads!There are many kinds of awards and shows for the amazing art of hand embroidery. Its recognition as a celebrated art form has only grown as the contemporary embroidery movement, like much of the work on Mr X Stitch, has taken off and found a new audience. However, much of the world of digitized embroidery still lives in the hands of industry.

Luckily for us, that doesn’t always mean that industry sticks to the standards. The Stitches Golden Needle Awards celebrates the best in digitized embroidery, and some of the winners this year really caught my attention. Mixed in with the traditional sweatshirt designs and hats were some truly exceptional pieces of craftsmanship and art.

photogirlPhoto Girl by Qdigitizing

Mans_faceMan’s Face by Qdigitizing

Though many are inspired by other famous works, such as the Van Gogh below, the craft of how these designs are brought to life by digitizer and machine is impressive, and show endless creative potential for this digital stitch art form.

Van_GoghThe Cafe Terrace by Affinity Express

Warrior ManWarrior Man by Qdigitizing

If you want to see more of the Golden Needle awards, you can view them in full for free in the digital edition of the magazine. It can often be an inspiring place to see what’s going on in the world of machine embroidery.


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