The Handmade Festival is on the horizon!

Yes indeed! The Handmade Festival is one of the best shows in the UK crafting calendar with a ton of crafty workshops taking place as well as guest speakers and more fancy food than you can handle! It takes place from 12th to 15th September at Hampton Court in London and it’s great fun!

As well as people like Kirstie Allsopp, Poppy Chancellor and Stacey Chapman, Mr X Stitch, your favourite Kingpin of Contemporary Embroidery will be there producing an art installation over the three day extravaganza!

Come and see Mr X Stitch at the Handmade Festival
This is what he looks like, in case you didn’t know!

He’ll be “stitching” a huge design on metal fence panels that will be six feet high by twelve feet across, and you can come and help make it happen! It will be the biggest artwork created in Festival history and will be a real show stopper!

If you are still undecided about coming to the show – you should totally do it – we’ve got an exclusive discount code that will get you £3 off the normal ticket price, or £10 off the VIP version!

Simply visit the Handmade Festival site and use the code SAVE3 to score a tasty discount. You can spend the money on churros! Or gin! Or both!

Be sure to come and say hi to Mr X Stitch when you’re visiting and have a great time!