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I’m thinking about two recent events, and how they pertain to hats: Ascot and the Tonys. First let’s ogle some hats from Royal Ascot:

This dramatic one from Pearls and Swine:

A more subtle (but still fabulous) offering from Monique Lee:


Or this more classic style from Awon Golding:


So that’s Ascot. But what do the Tonys have to do with hats?

Well, included among the nominees (for best costume design and best revival of a musical, among other categories) was a lovely little show called She Loves Me. I had the great fortune to see this show in March … and I adored it. Everything about this show was wonderful — including the hats! Many shows give their best costumes and hats to the leads, but not this one. The ensemble ladies had the best hats! Here are some backstage Instagram photos from some of the ensemble:


I love the artistry and drama of the hats ladies wear to the races. But my heart truly belongs to the everyday hat styles of the 1920s-1940s. She Loves Me is set in 1934, and I think some of the hats are a little more 1940s in style … but they’re still fabulous!

If you want to see these hats in all their glory, check out the live streaming performance of She Loves Me, which will be broadcast on BroadwayHD on June 30.

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