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  Mr X Stitch Book Review Introduction Hot Textiles:  Inspiration and Techniques with Heat Tools by Kim Thittichai is published by Batsford. For those completely unaware of this concept,  hot textiles is basically when heat and fabrics come together.  This works best with a range of plastics and does not have to break the bank, as you will discover. This book is all about the plastics and the melty textures…… we can really be a child again with this playful book.  Said to be an inspirational guide, will this excite us? Who is it aimed at? This is for the artist, either in Textiles or in fact Mixed Media, who wises to incorporate a different technique within their work.  For example, if you are a painter, do you feel like giving your pieces a 3D look?  Some texture? As to the age and ability, we think that the ideas are really suitable for most, however as most techniques involved require some form of heat too, i.e. an iron or heat gun, young kids had better steer clear unless under supervision! About the artist Kim is an experienced textile artist, teaching often and always experimenting.  She does workshops on the books ideas, thus she has real life experience to give, knowing what will work for us her readers! Content In order to make the subject matter clear, Kim has separated the knowledge into two areas, as you can see.  This is especially helpful for those who are unfamiliar with these new materials and tools.
The book has been divided into two parts.
What tools to use?  In Part One, Kim covers how we can use even familiar items to create heat distressed surfaces.  Look at the image below left, notice what has been used; this is not all about going to get expensive materials, its about using what we have on offer, looking for possibilities and asking ourselves….will this melt?
Any old excuse not to iron the clothes eh?! Here’s something a bit more fun to use yours for…
What makes it special? Personally we love how this technique could be played out a million different ways.  By using materials which will react to heat, it is easy to get carried away, one experiment goes into another and very soon you will have raided all your cupboards exclaiming ‘will this melt?’!  Think crisp packets to bread wrappers, we could try it all…..
Using plastic packaging….do you need an excuse to eat those chocolates?!
The ideas are practically endless, be careful not to burn your hands if you have a go making beads! Really what we are getting at here, is that the special element of this book is that its cheerful and exciting, you never know what is going to turn out well, so have a go and see what happens! Photography Certain pages hold very little text and allow the images to vocalise their meaning:
In some cases there is very little need for text, this ads to the books impact.
The close up images really boast the textures the tools can create, making it all very tempting.
What is wrong with the book? There is nothing literally wrong with it, it just depends on your interest.  The techniques can be incorporated into so many projects and areas of sewing, for example a heat distressed surface could be added to a quilting project. It all just depends on how traditional you cant to stay and if you enjoy the journey of making in this way. Conclusion What are you waiting for?!  Go grab your copy through our link below: Hot Textiles:  Inspiration and Techniques with Heat Tools by Kim Thittichai   
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