Exploring Etsy – Jessicakat and Whitechaselight

Exploring Etsy with loadofolbobbins!Hello again lovelies, hope you’re all well! I like to think of my monthly ‘Exploring Etsy’ columns as a kind of visual retreat, for people to take a step back, carve out a little time for themselves and bask in the beautiful things in life. As we all know from experience, taking time to let your creativity flourish can be a soothing balm to life’s stresses and strains and if my little column can help in any way towards that, I’ll be one very happy needlecrafter. So, as a special Valentine’s treat I’m giving you all a double dose of loveliness featuring two very talented needlecrafters. First up we have the wonderfully cathartic craft of needle felting with the joyful work of Jessica Kathryn and her shop ‘jessicakat‘.

Originally from the states, Jessica moved to England a few years ago after falling in love with, and later marrying, a pretty cool Englishman. She learnt to needle felt some time prior to this and was selling her creations occasionally whilst also working full time. Blessed with a fresh start after moving to the UK she decided to have a real go at being her own boss. A new culture and new experiences have only inspired her more! Outside of needle felting she enjoys being outdoors, music, drawing and her latest addiction, paper cut illustration.

What is your earliest stitching memory?

My mom enjoyed cross stitching and candlewicking and began teaching me when I was around 10 years old. It’s funny because she never thought she had a creative bone in her body, yet she apparently influenced me more than she knew! I recently taught her how to needle felt, so it’s come full circle. My dad and sisters were pretty arty, so I feel like I was always encouraged to use my imagination and create through the years.

What fires your imagination?

Nature! My husband and I love hiking and exploring outdoors as often as possible. I’ve always had a love for animals of all kinds. I’ve also been drawn towards the 1940s-1950s lately. Working with lots of colour fuels me. Little hand stitches and floral details are fun.

I love Jessica’s vibrant and colourful needlefelts, they can’t help but make you smile, remember to check out her shop to see more of her great work.

Next up we have the stunning stitching of YT Tommy Lee and her fab shop ‘whitelightchase‘. A freelance illustrator based in Singapore she started ‘Whitelightchase’ as an exploration of illustrating stories in mediums other than print.

What is your earliest stitching memory?

I had just learned how to do the ‘Chain Stitch’ when I was around 9 and was eager to do something with it. I sewed a cat and dog onto a piece of white cloth like I was drawing, just with a needle instead. It got tucked away after that and for years I forgot I had done embroidery before and was even afraid to try because it seemed too daunting. But in recent years, I found the piece again and got reminded of my beginner’s spirit.

What fires your imagination?

Tough times. I like to find new ways of looking at difficult situations and showing them with a lighter perspective that comforts, encourages and gives hope.

YT’s exquisitely intricate and delicate embroideries are full of atmosphere. Don’t forget to pop along to her shop and check them out for yourselves! If you also have a spare minute or two I’d be most grateful if you could checkout my own brand new sparkly website and let me know what you think. Until we meet again friends…


Jessica Taylor aka Loadofolbobbins is a Textile Artist and Illustrator based by the sea in Portsmouth. At her happiest with a needle and thread, with a passion for genealogy she often explores old photographs in her Textile art. With her fingers in many creative pies she loves to experiment with new techniques, creating illustrated and stitched goodies for her Etsy shop.

What Technique Is This?

Needle Felting is the process of using a notched or “barbed” needle to compress layers of wool into denser felt that can be manipulated to create 3D sculptures. It is different to wet felting, which uses water to combine wool fibres, and these days there are a range of felting tools available that can enable you to make your own soft sculptures with ease!

Want Some More Needle Felting Inspiration?