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Contemporary embroidery art via Mr X Stitch

Jillian Hurst is a textile graduate from Lancashire. I came across her work at the Festival of Quilts.

Jillian Hurst - cross stitch on vinyl upholstery

Taking inspiration from multi-sensory environments used for fostering the wellbeing of disabled children, an exciting collection of dramatic sculptural embroidered textiles for upholstery and interiors has been developed. Multi-sensory studios create a kaleidoscopic sensory experience where the guest’s senses are bombarded with new and exciting experiences through visual, auditory, and kinesthetic experiences.

Jillian Hurst - cross stitch on vinyl upholstery

“I was fascinated by the way projection is used in these spaces to change the mood and the ambiance of the environment. Within my textiles, coloured stitch replaces digital light. The ‘cushioned’ qualities within the therapeutic environment also interested me, and I experimented with form and shape to develop a series of digitally embroidered fabrics that experiment with stitch, manipulation, stuffing and repeat. Qualities within the sensory studios have influenced fabric choice and colour palette.”

Jillian Hurst - cross stitch on vinyl upholstery

I really like this work. Jillian is inspired by her role as a carer, and the materials she uses are those often used within sensory room for disabled children. By changing the context of the materials, and then embellishing them with vibrant design and colour, Jillian has turned these textiles into objects of desire.

Jillian Hurst - cross stitch on vinyl upholstery

Although these pieces are essentially proofs of concept, they are an exciting futuristic approach on home furnishing and decor and I’m already looking forward to seeing what Jillian produces next.

Jillian Hurst - cross stitch on vinyl upholstery

You can find out more about Jillian at her blog.


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