Kimika Hara - Rabbit - Hand Embroidery

Kimika Hara – Charming Colourful Creations

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Kimika Hara is a hand embroiderer from Japan.

Kimika Hara - Rabbit - Hand Embroidery

“My works theme is happy & cute & Kawaii.
“I wish my works to be small happinesses for people.

Kimika Hara - Their Skirts Look Like Mountains - Hand Embroidery

“I think small happinesses in daily life is very important .
“I wish my works make people smile and happy.

Kimika Hara - A Clown & Cats - Hand Embroidery

“I embroider with free stitch. I use cute fabrics, colorful threads, acrylic paints, beads etc.”

Kimika Hara - Forest - Hand Embroidery

I’m utterly smitten by Kimika’s work having discovered it on Flickr. It’s so charming and full of joy.

Kimika Hara - Goldfish - Hand Embroidery

Her illustrative style and use of colour and stitch are playful and I’ve not seen anything like it for quite a while.

Kimika Hara - An Acrobatic Elephant - Hand Embroidery

This sort of work deserves to be used in children’s books to make the readers squeal with delight. I’m hooked.

Kimika Hara - Fox - Hand Embroidery

Visit Kimika’s Flickr photostream and be enchanted.


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