Margot Lovinger

I am a little tardy today, as I just moved thousands of miles and then had to paint an apartment and don’t have the studio I thought I had waiting on me. its been a bit of a scramble. That said, lets delve into the works of Margot Lovinger.

She is not tardy, she is on the front wave of this here fabric art.

Lets start with the latest:

Margot Lovinger

Look at these here details:

Margot Lovinger

The hair is so expressive.
Margot Lovinger

Here is what she has to say about making it:

“I begin with a cotton canvas base, to which all the successive layers are sewn. The first layers are usually cottons and silks. In these early layers, I rough out the composition and establish the major shapes and colors of the work. Next, the subtle modulation of color and tone are achieved by the layering of sheer fabrics, such as tulle, netting, organza and chiffon. Each successive layer changes the hue of the layers beneath it, much the way a transparent color wash changes the layers underneath it in watercolor painting. Stitching in cotton, silk, or rayon thread or embroidery floss is added to create texture and define shapes. In more recent works, the piece is then lightly quilted. Finally, each piece is stretched over a wooden frame.”

Painting+fabric=Margot Lovinger

Another piece for you to wonder over and gander at:

Margot Lovinger

Margot Lovinger

The details show her mastery of the technique she created. Look at how those figures walk off the canvas, and they are all fabric!

She is a Pacific Northwestern artist like me guess it’s in the waters here.

Happy super bowl to you!!

Footballs have stitching and padding…does that make them quilts?


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