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Meet Our Sponsor! Kreinik Threads!

Kreinik Calling! Exclusive to Mr X Stitch!

We love the companies that sponsor Mr X Stitch and we thought we’d take a moment to share some love about them!

Kreinik Threads have been making beautiful threads for years and each month, Dena Lenham’s Kreinik Calling column provides inspirational ideas on how to create great effects with their products. If you don’t know about Kreinik, this introductory post will reveal all!

Kreinik Threads

You can tell that Kreinik have a real love for their products and for the world of stitch. Dena’s enthusiasm for the work of others is palpable and her recent post about bugs is a perfect example of what we mean.

This needlepoint butterfly is a highly stylistic depiction, a blend of stitches and thread types.

The world of thread is so much broader than you might initially realise, and it’s been fascinating to find out about the production processes and some of the innovative products that Kreinik make.

Entering the Kreinik factory

Dena is always willing to help you master techniques and good practices as well, as proven in this post about fraying.

Fray a metallic ribbon for interesting effects.

We’ll wrap this post up by making sure you read the interview we did with Dena last year – we heart her a lot!

Dena with Doug Kreinik, representing Kreinik Manufacturing Company at a trade show in Birmingham, England.

We’re so honoured to work with Kreinik – they’re great ambassadors for the industry and we can only encourage you to visit their site and try out the range of products they make. Tell ’em Mr X Stitch sent you!

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