Melanie Testa

Lets talk about a friend of mine and an inspiring stitcher/quilter – Melanie Testa. I saw her on a panel this weekend talking about quilt futures and contemporary ideas. She is a quilter who pulls inspiration from her journaling.

Check out these images of her work:

A little bio she offered on her site:
While in third grade I was asked to write an essay on what I wanted to be when I grew up. While I knew I was supposed to write about wanting to be a nurse, teacher, doctor or scientist, I could not and would not be able to fulfill that expectation. I wanted to be a bird, I still do. I may be too ungainly and settled into a human form to “sprout” wings and really get started in that long standing wish but I can still dream.

“My art explores themes of the human form, birds and nature. The first steps of the process often involve journaling on paper using paints, collage and pen and ink. I then interpret those drawings and paintings using Procion MX dyes on both cotton and silk organza. After creating these whole cloth quilt tops, collage elements are added, the layers are quilted in place and the work is bound and finished to hang on the wall.”


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