Edith's hat in Downton Abbey

Millinery Eye Candy: Downton Abbey is Here!

The Downton Abbey movie is finally here! It’s like milliners’ Christmas. At least, it is for me! I couldn’t wait a moment longer to see it, so I saw the first available showing in my area, which was the special preview on Sept. 12.

So let’s talk about the hats! Limited by what images have been publicly released or are seen in the trailer…

Edith's hat in Downton Abbey
Screen grab from the Downton Abbey movie trailer. Edith’s stunning hat!

When I first saw the trailer, I said “OMG, that hat!” Maybe I’d just already made up my mind ahead of time, but after seeing the movie, it’s still my favorite hat in the film.

Here’s a look from the back:

Millinery Eye Candy: Downton Abbey is Here!


Shape, color, trim… all are just perfection! (Okay, I’m also biased because I just adore Edith.)

Millinery Eye Candy: Downton Abbey is Here!
Oh, hello there, perfect outfit! I’m swooning.


Later we get these three hats from the ladies. Edith’s is fine. Mary’s is better. The feathers and loops make it look very much like what a milliner would make today. Cora’s is an interesting color (better seen onscreen), a kind of muted chartreuse.

But… the hats were overshadowed by Mary’s stunning dress, which you can see peeping from under her coat. So 1920s! So gorgeous! And costume designer Anna Robbins said it was one of her favorite costumes. I don’t blame her.

Millinery Eye Candy: Downton Abbey is Here!
Good hats, but Mary’s dress stole the scene. Sorry, hats!


We get a new hat-wearing lady in the character of Lady Bagshaw (Imelda Staunton). The brim of this hat turns up all the way around, so I didn’t like it as much from her right side. But the front and left are lovely. And the color is terrific.

Downton Abbey hats

I wish we got better looks in the movie of this red hat of Edith’s. It’s another favorite of mine. And Maggie Smith (as usual) gets some of the most fabulous, almost fedora-style hats.

Millinery Eye Candy: Downton Abbey is Here!
Mary in a cloche. Violet with feathers and veiling.

Mary’s hat in this scene is striking! I haven’t quite made up my mind how much I like it. But it’s fun to know that I could create a replica if I ever wanted to cosplay as Lady Mary. I left the theater so excited about creating new hats!

I was going to put in an image of Mary’s cloche from the trailer when she goes to see Mr. Carson… but it’s just so bland and boring! Nothing wrong with it as a costume piece. It’s totally appropriate for the character and scene and context. Just not very exciting.

So I’ll finish out with this…

Millinery Eye Candy: Downton Abbey is Here!
A hat from season six of the TV show. Did a townsperson steal this hat for the movie?

Wait, that’s not from the movie! This is from season six! … But I could have sworn I saw this exact hat make an appearance — just a fleeting glimpse! — on an extra in the parade sequence.

I’ll have to see the movie a second time to judge. I wonder if I get a prize for finding a movie Easter Egg if it is the same hat…

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