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Millinery Instagram Accounts – 2017 Edition

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Happy December! It’s become a holiday tradition for me to skip a wordy, philosophical post in favor of … eye candy. In case you missed the previous installments, here are Top 10 Instagram Accounts for Hat Lovers and 10 More Instagram Accounts for Hat Lovers.

10. Lady Bird’s Hatberdashery – Shurie Southcott (@ladybhatter)

Shurie is a master of fabric covered hats! It seems like many hat-makers focus on felt or straw or cut-and-sew fabric hats and don’t work as much with buckram or wire (the foundations for fabric-covered hats), so this account already stands out among the other milliners on Instagram. Look here for old-fashioned hat styles, with beautiful colors and trims . The attention to detail is amazing.


9. Cassie MacGregor (@the_hous_of_macgregor)

Just a nice, stylish account from an established milliner. Follow for pretty pictures of hats and occasional news or discounts from her Dallas, Texas, shop.


8. Ignatius Hats (@ignatius_hats)

Working with braid straw involves entirely different techniques from other forms of millinery. There are lovely felt hats here, too — but really it’s all about the straw braid. One of the best at this type of hat. Period.


7. Behida Dolic (@behidadolic)

If you’ve ever seen an Etsy email touting handmade hats, chances are one of Behida’s pieces was featured. She became known for hand-sculpted cloches — but a lot of her recent work is wide-brimmed hats.


6. Louise Pocock (@titfatat)

I’ve been a huge fan of Louise’s work ever since I first laid eyes on it. And she has an added advantage with her partner, Andrew Ogilvy, being an amazing photographer. But mostly it’s just that her hats are brilliant. She’s one of my favorite milliners ever, and I can’t gush enough about the quality of her work.


5. Amina Marie Millinery (@aminamariemillinery)

Based in Kansas City, Amina Marie hats are all about shape rather than fussy trim or bold colors. Follow this account for lovely textures, folds and delicious shapes — with high-quality photography.



4. Iva Ksenevich Millinery (@ivaksenevich)

Wow! Color! I found this account just today when I was preparing to make this list, and I instantly followed. Bright colors and creative, artistic hats. This is a great account to follow if you believe millinery is an art form.


3. Karen Geraghty (@mind_your_bonce_millinery)

One of those unheralded milliners I love to follow. Not famous (as far as I know). She just consistently puts out lovely work.


2. Stephen Jones Millinery (@stephenjonesmillinery

It’s probably safe to say that Stephen Jones is one of the two most celebrated milliners in the world. (The other being Philip Treacy.) In my opinion, where Stephen Jones shows his genius is in his mastery of proportions. He can make the most unconventional, large or exaggerated hat styles look perfectly balanced, like they just naturally grew that way.


1. Style Crone (@stylecrone)

I know I’ve mentioned Judith (aka Style Crone) in other posts. But if you’re not already one of her 31,000+ followers, why the heck not? This is pure fashion joy. She’s one of my fashion idols, and she should be one of yours too.


What are your favorite accounts to follow on Instagram? Share them in the comments!

Feel free to follow my Instagram account for Silverhill Creative Millinery at @silverhillcreative.

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