Molly Evans

Some of you may know of the “Maddie on Things” Revolution.

What you may or may not know is the quilt that travels with Theron. Lets talk about it, because it’s SWEET!

Here is the Quilt:


Here is what Molly has to say about the process:

SO I had been making small quilt studies and when Theron asked me to make him a quilt for his book tour: truth be told… I had never made one before! Not a full sized quilt before. Up until that point I had made a few quilt squares here and there, and plenty of costumes, so I figured I could piece together my fibers knowledge to help him out since Maura was at full capacity with her studio, Folk Fibers.

[Look at her sweet innovation for seam allowance]
02-19-13 clever seam allowance tool

So he went out on a limb and trusted me! We went through a couple of iterations of sketches (I have attached many of the initial planning sketches here for fun!) and eventually we narrowed it down to the more direct interpretation of his photography as a quilt. We found an image that was striking and feasible as a cloth interpretation, and I went for it!

2-27-13 Water and sky

I knew I needed something truly unique with the water patterning and so I turned to one of my greatest inspirations, Sherri Lynn Wood, for help in that department. She is an absolute goddess in my eyes with her curved quilt piecing, and it just so happens that she offers a tutorial on her website ( about how to experiment with curved piecing and I picked it up from there and started the quilt. I kept Theron up to date with what was happening through the blog and he gave me creative freedom to work through the process from start to finish.

02-20-13 Finished clouds 1

In the end I finished the quilt, washed and dried it and put it directly into the shipping box to Austin where his tour kicked off. I hardly had time to appreciate it! It was all such a whirlwind, I am actually really looking forward to when his tour stops back by Milwaukee later in July so that I can take some time to stare at it during his super fun lecture.

Theron sitting in front of quilt

That project reinvigorated something inside me that reminded me why I am in the creative industry — about why I love fibers and why I am truly interested in building a life with it despite my lengthy detours into small business education. So, at the moment I am working on a side project just for fun called #lionelstitchie and I am building up a portfolio of newer work in three series to present in grad school applications to MFA Fiber programs for Fall 2014. If folks are interested they can certainly follow along as I work through the process on the blog.

2-27-13 Water Detail with Rock

This project was soo cool and I love how it inspired an already inspired young lady.
It makes me want to try new things and to push myself.

Thanks Molly!

and thanks all you!