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Welcome back to NeedlePoints of View, a monthly column brought to you by Emma of The Maker’s Marks and Hannelore of Hedgehog Needlepoint, where we’ll be sharing our love of all things needlepoint. Whether you’re new to the craft and want to learn what it’s all about or you’ve already fallen under needlepoint’s spell, we hope to inspire you to pick up a needle and get stitching.

Back in March, we explored the history of needlepoint and learned how the canvas’ durability lends itself well to slow fashion. Needlepoint not only takes a long time to produce, but it stands the test of time too. Shoes, bags, and purses from over 200yrs ago are still around today.

This month it’s time to look at needlepoint‘s relationship with fashion. Gucci sends new canvases down the runway, but some designers are breathing new life into old canvases, making sustainable clothing and accessories for the eco-friendly fashionista.

As a needlepointer, you know canvases take many hours to stitch, and output is slow, especially on big projects. While slowing down is a large part of what makes needlepoint so relaxing, it’s the finish that keeps us motivated. Turning our much-loved canvases into wearable art that will last a lifetime and beyond seems a fitting destiny for needlepoint, old and new.

Needlepoint tote bag by Le Shop de Moz
French Tapestry Purse – Le Shop de Moz

Fashion-forward Needlepoint Finishing Ideas

Le Shop de Moz makes contemporary purses, totes (pictured above), and carpet bags from antique tapestry canvases found at French flea markets. Working out of their studio in Monaco, they combine the canvases with materials such as preloved belt straps for handles to give vintage canvases a modern style.

Elk Mountain Needlepoint Denim Jacket by My French Texas
Elk Mountain View Jacket – My French Texas

My French Texas pairs vintage needlepoints with preloved denim to create fun, highly wearable jackets from her studio in Texas. 

I like to think of it as saving needlepoints, one at a time. I used to see all these amazing needlepoints languishing and felt I wanted to do something with them. I’ve always loved denim; the two just felt right and play well together.

Mariana, My French Texas
Needlepoint bird tapestry mini skirt by Kristen Mallison
Needlepoint Bird Tapestry Mini Skirt – Kristin Mallison

Kristin Mallison sources vintage and antique needlepoint tapestries and jacquard fabric from around the world to construct made-to-order mini skirts, dresses, and corsets. The floral jacquard fabrics are carefully removed from antique chairs and cushions, then reworked into clothing designed to stand the test of time.

Saying Goodbye is Never Easy 

As the year draws to a close, so does my time co-hosting Needlepoints of View. I’ve had a fantastic year researching and writing these posts, and I hope you’ve found them as inspirational to read as I did to write. 

I’m excited about my next move, but I will greatly miss working on the column and connecting with you. 

Thank you for all your support! 

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