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Needlepoint for the Men in your life | Needlepoint

Welcome back to NeedlePoints of View, a monthly column brought to you by Emma of The Maker’s Marks and Hannelore of Hedgehog Needlepoint, where we’ll be sharing our love of all things needlepoint. Whether you’re new to the craft and want to learn what it’s all about or you’ve already fallen under needlepoint’s spell, we hope to inspire you to pick up a needle and get stitching.

Father’s Day has come and gone in the United States, specifically the third weekend in June.  It’s a day in which Dads are showered with breakfasts, rounds of golf, working in the yard, going to a baseball game or soccer match (aka football for everyone else in the world) and perhaps grilling vast quantities of meat.

Gift giving for the men can be a bit challenging. There are only so many ties and/or grill implements one man can reasonable need or use, right? But wait, what about needlepoint? Oh, yes! Needlepoint opens up a veritable Pandora’s box of possibilities for the men your life.  

Go Big on Belts 

Needlepoint Belts, easy to transport in a purse and tote, are generally a quick stitch to complete and make a big impact on the giftee. There are literally thousands of needlepoint belt designs available and there are even services in which you can choose what designs you would like on a belt; custom work like no other!

Needlepoint for the Men in your life | Needlepoint
Belts, Belts Belts… by Little Stitches Needleworks

Fathers, sons, grandfathers, uncles, fun uncles and boyfriends will all absolutely love receiving a needlepoint belt. My husband is still wearing his which he received as a gift nearly 10 years ago.  My father is anxiously awaiting a new one as well.  (Note to self: get that belt to the finisher ASAP).

One of my favorite needlepoint belt designers is Elizabeth of Little Stitches Needleworks. She has a stunning line of belts – easy stitching on 14 mesh canvases makes for a quick finish. Honestly, the sheer number of belt designs produced by Elizabeth are incredible, not to mention, beautiful.  As the mother of three sons, Elizabeth has plenty of inspiration (and belt models), especially since they are avid golfers.  

**FYI, you can turn any belt into multiple Key Fobs!

Get Sporty

Speaking of sports, Ann Kaye Studio has a Santa themed designs include the jolly old elf keeping fit and busy through various sports and activities. Ann’s rounds are fun, and whimsical.

If the Santa’s Sports themes aren’t your thing, take a peek at Ann’s map designs.  Primarily East Coastal themed maps, Ann’s designs have a New England-y Coastal vibe that is sure to strike a chord.

Needlepoint for the Men in your life | Needlepoint
Sporty Santas by Ann Kaye Studios
Needlepoint for the Men in your life | Needlepoint

Boys love Backgammon

If you have time and a bit of money to go big, stitching a Backgammon board and having it finished to slide into a clear acrylic tray makes a loving gift that will last ages. Amongst the design compendium of backgammon boards, is Thorn Alexander who has gorgeous designs on 13 mesh. 

Needlepoint for the Men in your life | Needlepoint
For pure WOW factor, Backgammon Boards by Thorn Alexander canNOT be beat!

To finish your backgammon board, take a look at Island House Needlepoint. Joann is an engineer by trade… her work is exquisitely precise.

Needlepoint for the Men in your life | Needlepoint

For the Travelling Man

If self-finishing is your thing, you are pressed for time or you are working on a budget, Planet Earth has a line of leather key fobs in 8+ colors that take next to no time to stitch and then finish.

There are several designs available however, you can simply on a scrap piece of canvas, draw a 1” circle, stitch an initial, cut it out and self-finish in the key fob. Voila!

In about 1/2 hour, your gift is finished.  Also available from the Planet Earth, are leather passport covers and wallets which are brilliant self-finishing options.

Needlepoint for the Men in your life | Needlepoint

So whether it is Father’s Day, a birthday, groomsmen gifts, Christmas or “fill in the celebration” and you are struggling to think outside the box, of ties and grilling implements, check out needlepoint options and get ready to have some fun!

If you need additional information regarding canvases and/or finishing options, please do not hesitate to contact me AND if you find a set of golf club covers to needlepoint, let me know!  My pop has them on his wishlist!

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