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Gear Threads – Niamh O’Connor

Gear Threads Is The Mr X Stitch Machine Embroidery Column - Presented By Urban Threads!

We’ve some fantastic columns on Mr X Stitch and we wanted to celebrate the authors who share their love of needlecraft with you. This time it’s Niamh O’Connor, the Head Honcho of Urban Threads, who have been sharing masterful machine embroidery in our Gear Threads column for years! Hi Niamh!

Niamh O'Connor of Urban Threads

Name: Niamh O’Connor

Location: Minnesota, USA

Specialism: Evil genius of machine embroidery

Urban Threads - Hawk Scarf
Urban Threads – Hawk Scarf

Favourite Colour: Amethyst

Favourite Film: National Treasure (judge me all you want!)

Favourite Band: Alt-J

Urban Threads - Evenfall Shoes
Urban Threads – Evenfall Shoes

Favourite Book: Currently, the Martian

Tell us a joke: Q: What’s a pirates favorite letter? A: Ay, ye may think it be RRRR but actually it be the C.

A little piece of wisdom if you please: Never thread the needle with the machine running, no matter how much coffee you’ve had.

Urban Threads' Crane Wife
Urban Threads’ Crane Wife

It would be remiss of us not to send out big love to Karline at Urban Threads, the Nightwing to Niamh’s Batman. These two have brought us some great posts over the past few years and here’s three of our favourites!

 PaleGray Labs machine embroidered animation
PaleGray Labs Embroidermation
Marjolein Starreveld's machine embroidered portraits
Marjolein Starreveld’s Machine Embroidered Portraits
Birgitte Busk - Mogens - Machine Embroidered Portrait
Birgitte Busk


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