Spotlight: Non-UK Textile Art magazines

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Welcome to the Ailist, where we look inside the world of textile arts with artist profiles, real life experiences at shows and workshops to help you plot your own path in this creative sector! I’m Ailish Henderson, thank you for joining me!

In focus

For this issue I wanted to focus on Textile Art magazine which we may not be aware of as they are not published within the UK. The two I wanted to hone in on are TxP (Textiel Plus) and Home – Daphne’s Diary (

TxP is obviously Textile Art based due to its title and relevant online content. However Daphne’s Diary may be more surprising, as on first glance it looks more on the cute side. So lets have an explore of each in turn!

TxO (Textiel Plus)

What is it?

Basically they are an organisation who work online and through a magazine which is printed in Dutch. The magazine is printed four times a year and the website is updated regularly, with a focus on current content. It is worth noting that currently the magazine is only in Dutch, however this is set to change in the future – so please keep up to speed via their website.

The website

This can be translated into your own language via google translate. It is worth visiting as it has so much on offer, including exhibition information and artist profiles. They are often on less know (in the UK) artists, ones who are really exciting and prove to be great finds. The site also hosts a small amount of purchasable items, such as base fabrics for certain types of embroidery. Of course you can subscribe to the magazine and purchase single issues too!

The magazine

We were lucky enough to get an insider view of three recent issues, so we can allow you in on a small reveal! Again, we stress that the magazine is in Dutch, however it is filled with images and certain articles are in English. We see it as worth getting anyway, as so much can be gleaned from photos and the odd recognisable word! You could of course just get your Dutch to English dictionary out too – nothing wrong with translating it yourself!

The magazine content

The magazine is A4 in size, with a paper feel. This does not take away from the exciting content.

An example of the front cover of one of the magazines

The content of the magazine is printed inside. Very like any book we review here on our own website.

This is an example of the contents page from one of the magazines

Notice they also have social media, so there are plenty of ways to keep up with the content.

Finding out about exhibitions can be difficult at times, especially if they are based overseas. In this magazine we learn loads about future and current ones; often based in the Netherlands, however a well rounded view is given.


Artist highlights

Artists are showcased from all over the world. UK based ones such as Lindsay Taylor and many more. Here are a few snapshots of what’s on offer inside..


The unusual

We found some exciting pieces illustrated…

One way to solve the broken vase issue
Hello world
Character carrots
One way to re-use your household appliances
Getting shirty

So there we go, we invite you to check this magazine and their website out!

Daphne’s Diary

Again we have chosen to review a random issue….

What is it?

Daphne’s Diary is a magazine covering many subjects, but there is always an arty angle. The whole publication is designed to inspire…..

The magazine content

Why not have a look at some highlights….

The magazine is set thickly, published at the usual magazine size….

Daphne's Dairy 2021 cover
the cover

After flicking through travel and cooking content, we come across what we are looking for…artistic inspiration related to textiles. First we discover vintage textiles. Many of us will be interested to discover more about historical textiles, maybe we already use it in our own textile art work.

Daphne's Dairy 2021 vintage
Vintage textiles

Many of you will have read some of our felt content, we already have our Felter Skelter column which spotlights artist from across the globe. If you are interested in felting yourself, then articles such as this one will grab your interest.

Daphne's Dairy 2021 felt
felt dolls
Daphne's Dairy 2021 needle felt
needle felted sculptures
Daphne's Dairy 2021 felt wedding
felt wedding

Once you have read through this column, why not search through our website for more felt art content?

Finally, are you interested in dyeing fabric? You may have read our dyeing column in the past, Living for Dyeing. If not now is your chance to check it out! Before you do, take a look at the example of Tie-Dye:

Daphne's Dairy 2021 tye dye
tie-dye methods are explained

So there you go, another magazine and this time one which you may have passed over in the past and not realised contained any craft / textile art.

Make sure you do check out their website too: Home – Daphne’s Diary (

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