Earning Money From Cross Stitch: Getting Your Own Business Started

Own Business Started

Earning Money From Cross Stitch: Getting Your Own Business Started

If you’re looking for a creative hobby you can turn into a profitable income stream, cross stitch may be the answer. In recent years, cross stitch and embroidery have surged in popularity, as more consumers embrace hand-stitched and embroidered fashion or research cross stitch to try it themselves. One glance at the designer shows Spring/Summer 2020 fashion week, and you will spot one common trend: embroidery is on everyone’s agenda this year. The personalizable nature of this sewing trend helps consumers feel unique, and with it being this year’s most sought after fashion trend, cross-stitch and embroidered clothing or services carry a premium price. For you, launching a cross stitch and embroidery business allows you to capitalize on the trend’s resurgence and earn money doing something you enjoy.

Find A Market/Niche Before You Define Your Services

There are several ways you can make money from cross stitch. Identifying one (or a combination of them) provides the foundation for your business idea. You can choose to produce cross stitch products such as T shirts with embroidered designs. Alternatively, you can provide custom cross stitch and embroidery services. This is often a popular option since the fashion industry is fraught with designers and consumers embracing the embroidery trend. Offering these services without the designer price tag can guarantee sales – and a budding market for your business.
Another option is to offer DIY e-courses and books to those looking to get into cross stitch themselves. This would include sourcing cross stitch patterns and developing digital content. In this case, social media and video platforms will be essential in your business. Another alternative is launching your very own business blog centred on cross stitch and embroidery. In this case, creating a solid fan following and establishing affiliate marketing links will be key in making your business a success.

Hone Your Needlework Skills/ Outsource To Those Who Can

Turning your cross stitch hobby into a business may sometimes mean you need to improve your cross stitch skills. Products of high quality are greatly sought after and can generate a positive buzz for your brand. For you, this may mean improving your cross stitch skills with the help of a local or online cross stitch and embroidery course. This is a great opportunity to improve your skills and also network with other local businesses – a great opportunity for marketing and collaborations.

Lastly, you may need to consider whether to hire or outsource functions of your business to well-trained professionals. For a cross stitch business, it can include sourcing the patterns from another supplier. Alternatively, if you are producing products such as T shirts, you may opt to outsource the un-designed shirts to another manufacturing firm or produce it all in house. Hiring full-time employees will also change your requirements when securing insurance for your business. Stipulations in individual states require small businesses to have worker’s compensation insurance or commercial auto insurance if they have at least one employee. You may also want to secure insurance coverage for stitching tools, including lighting, machinery, fabric and embroidery needles.

Choose Your Platforms For Selling

If you opt to produce a physical product such as embroidered clothing or your very own ‘how to cross stitch’ kits, you will also need to market them and provide a selling platform. Most new craft businesses opt to sell their crafts online using digital platforms like Etsy, ECrater or Misi. You can also opt to establish an eCommerce store on your business website and promote it through social media. This option is also great if your product is an eBook or DIY cross stitch course. Finally, consider frequenting local craft fairs or joining online or social media embroidery communities.

There is no reason why you can’t turn your cross stitch hobby into a successful business. Whether you opt to provide customized cross stitch services or teach others how to get involved in the craft, launching your own cross stitch business can help you earn money while doing something you love.

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