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Weave - A Social Network for Stitchers

On Friday we launched Weave – A Social Network for Stitchers. It’s a brand new site and we’re glad to see that people are already coming on board. With stitch-focused groups to join, forums to chat on, and the ability to connect with new stitchy chums, it’s off to a flying start. We’ve got groups for machine embroiderers, cross stitchers, needle felters, quilters and plush toy makers. We’ve even got a space for the boys to hang out in. All we need now is people to start hanging out on there and helping us develop it!

Over time we’ll be making better connections with the Mr X Stitch, developing tutorial areas and doing all kinds of cool business.

We know there are millions of stitchers around the world, and we reckon that within six months, Weave will be bigger than Facebook!

(What do you mean “that’s a bit unrealistic”?)

Well anyway, we want you to come on board and get involved. Share your thoughts, ideas, inspiration and general banter with like-minded people.

It costs nothing to join, but the benefits are worth it!

See you there!

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