Exploring Etsy – Patch Happy

Exploring Etsy with loadofolbobbins!

Well hello there everybody, I hope those of you in the UK have been enjoying the gorgeous bank holiday weekend! In hopes of keeping that joyful feeling lasting just that little bit longer, I’ve put together an ‘Exploring Etsy’ jam-packed with goodness. We shall be venturing into new territory for this column, with a two part journey, to be completed next month… we’re entering the wonderful world of patches! When illustrators and designers meet needle and thread, magical things happen and after exploring patches with my own work recently, I realised I’d never actually covered them here. Etsy really has an embarrassment of riches when it comes to patches and it really would be remiss of me if I didn’t share some of them with you all, so buckle up folks you’re in for a treat!

Hey Hey Ginger

First up we have the lovely Kate of ‘Hey Hey Ginger’, an Etsy store full of fun illustrated products. She loves puns, rhymes and alliteration and turns all of these into cute and fun products to make you do a silly smile. “I’m super proud of my food and drink team patches such as the Brew Crew and the Lemonade Brigade. They’re definitely my favourite products in the shop right now, and I hope I can keep on expanding the range, including more and more silly food teams!”

What is your earliest stitching memory?

I think that has to be in primary school. I remember learning to stitch on pieces of card with holes punched out, creating simple animal shapes. But I was always given craft kits for birthdays and Christmas, so I’ve always been creative. (Thanks Mum and Dad!)

What fires your imagination?

LOTS! I always want to make people smile and laugh, so if something tickles me, I’m pretty certain other people will enjoy it too. I’m constantly inspired by the amazing creative community especially on instagram. Everyone is so talented, and incredibly supportive and kind! I’m also inspired by all the amazing art I have on my studio walls. From awesome paintings and prints to the thank you cards and business cards you get when you order from a small indie biz, it’s all up on my wall.

Hey Hey Ginger-Lemonade Brigade Patch

Ted & Kip

Anna, the illustrator and colourful quirky lady behind ‘Ted & Kip’ lives on the (sometimes!) sunny south coast of the UK, with her husband and two children. She started ‘Ted & Kip’ in 2016 as a lover of all things magical and colourful, but wanted designs that were unique, different and less cuddly than what was currently on the market. “Not all unicorns are cute!” She’s fuelled by a constant supply of strong black coffee and Tunnocks tea cakes.

Ted and Kip - Funny Bunny Patch

What is your earliest stitching memory?

I spent a lot of time with my great grandmother when I was little and she was a milliner by trade so was a very skilled seamstress. I remember her teaching me to knit and cross stitch when I was about 5yrs old and I kept all my work in a vintage tin. I wish I still had that tin!

What fires your imagination?

My children and their colourful wonder. They also mean I spend a lot of time watching cartoons which I find very inspirational in terms of ideas, character outfits and colour combinations.

Auntie Mims

Auntie Mims - All the Swears Patch

Michelle the talented woman behind ‘Auntie Mims’, the name given to her by her nephews, started her business as a textiles based enterprise hand-sewing toy storage tubs in gorgeous fabrics and then on to Christmas stockings and so on. As the business grew she was able to give up her day job as a teacher and along with that started to do a whole range of personalised items. More recently Auntie Mims has gone back to its roots and is changing its range. “Our embroidered Merit Patches are our favourite new line and are inspired by the old Scout/Brownie badges, but for modern families – the designs are suitable for adults and children and some are obvious and others a bit more tongue in cheek! We even do a ‘Fragile’ Patch like a postage sticker which comes with a card.”

Auntie Mims - Fragile Patch with Card
Auntie Mims - Silver Lining and Be Kind Everyday Patches

What is your earliest stitching memory?

My earliest stitching memory is, indeed, of putting my own Brownie Badges on my uniform. At 8 years old my Mum taught me the basics and then it was the challenge of getting the badges not just for their own merit, but so that I had something to stitch!

Auntie Mims - Merit Patches
Auntie Mims - Merit Patches

What fires your imagination?

My imagination is totally fired by our family – 5 children and lots of pets and a husband who is also a part of ‘Auntie Mims’ are the root of everything we create.

Auntie Mims - Fireflies and Adventure Patches


Nikky, a designer and maker from East London runs a small business called ‘Innabox’ and creates a fabulous range of cute and quirky enamel pins, patches and more! Her fun designs feature a wonderful array of animal illustrations and clever puns. “I’m a massive cat lady and you will almost always find me with a cup of tea to hand!”

Innabox - Cat Scan Patch and Judging Cat Patch

What fires your imagination?

I just love to design and create! I adore animals so make that my main focus. As long as my work brings a smile to someone’s face then I’m a happy lady!

Hello Sunshine

Jo of ‘Hello Sunshine’ is a 33 year old, cheese loving, cat bothering, smiler who loves to adventure and explore outdoors. Originally from Nottingham, but currently based in Cambridge, she creates fun and cheerful jewellery and accessories as well as illustrating custom portraits of people, pets and camper vans.

Hello Sunshine - Sunshine Van Patch
Photo by Holly Booth
Hello Sunshine - Little Kitties Patch Set
Photo by Holly Booth

What is your earliest stitching memory?

I’m terrible at sewing and always have been but I have very vivid memories watching my Mum and learning to sew my swimming badges onto my costume/bag. I used to get so excited about the prospect of earning a new swimming patch… not much changes really, I still get excited about patches!

Hello Sunshine - Gin 'n' Juice Patches
Photo by Holly Booth
Hello Sunshine - Sunflower Patch
Photo by Holly Booth

What fires your imagination?

Spending time outdoors for sure! Whether it’s a run down by the river, a cycle into Cambridge town or a full on camping adventure or hike up a mountain. Being outdoors sparks so many things, (and happy hormones), in my mind, and I often find I come back home with lists of ideas and a big smile on my face. I am greatly inspired by the people, (and pets), in my life too. All of my jewellery collections have stories behind their origins and designs, ranging from favourite foods to childhood memories and pets. So spending quality time with the people I love is an important way for me to stay inspired too. I also LOVE food and find myself inspired when I’m cooking, (trying to!), or out stalking the food vans and new places. A lot of my designs are based around my favourite treats, like pizza and gin!

Hello Sunshine - Patches

XOXO Designs by Ruth

Ruth is the artist and all round creative behind ‘XOXO Designs’ where she sells colourful greetings cards, prints, pins and of course patches! She’s always dreaming up new ideas and draws inspiration from pattern, flowers, space, typography, books and social media “there are SO many creative people out there”. When she’s not being creative she can be found watching F1, obsessing over everything NASA does and finding the perfect brownie. Despite hating to fly Ruth loves to travel particularly to New York City and is rightly proud of her BSc in Design from Duncan of Jordanstone.

XOXO Designs by Ruth - Patches

What is your earliest stitching memory?

My earliest stitching memory is probably from my Mum, who still does embroidery today. She did this really cool Dumbo embroidery for me when I was young, and I just loved it. Even though Dumbo always made me cry! Mum still embroiders designs for events, like my cousin’s recent engagement and wedding.

XOXO Designs by Ruth - Rocket Patch

What fires your imagination?

My imagination is fired by colour, 100%! I love bright bold colours, and seeing colours work together or clash really inspire me to try as many different colours as I can until I get the perfect combo!

If you weren’t on board already I hope that all of the extremely talented designers and makers I’ve shared with you today have you hopping on the patch train and never looking back! The diversity and originality of what can be done with a patch is inspiring and the riot of colours used can’t help but make you smile – not to mention some very witty punnage! Please do pop along and check out ‘Hey Hey Ginger’, ‘Ted & Kip’, ‘Auntie Mims’, ‘Innabox’, ‘Hello Sunshine’ and ‘XOXO Designs by Ruth’, they have lots of gorgeousness on offer in their shops.


Jessica Taylor aka Loadofolbobbins is a Textile Artist and Illustrator based by the sea in Portsmouth. At her happiest with a needle and thread, with a passion for genealogy she often explores old photographs in her Textile art. With her fingers in many creative pies she loves to experiment with new techniques, creating illustrated and stitched goodies for her Etsy shop.