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At Mr X Stitch we love to review textile art and embroidery books for you. There are so many great books to discover, packed with needlework inspiration and textile techniques, so we dive into each book to find out what’s good, what’s bad and let you know why you should pick it up.

Here’s what we think of Peace, Love & Embroidery by Pocorute Pocochiru published by Zakka Workshop.


Retro, quirky and colourful, this collection of designs totally hits the fashion trend embroidery market. With 250 motifs, there is plenty to discover and choose from. Within this book, you will fine cakes, dogs…even the odd mushroom! Choose your theme and look it up!

About The Author

Embroidery was not this authors first love. She began her art journey via studying oil painting at college. Later in life after having kids, she began to make and embellish things for them. This took her into embroidery and in 2014 she launched her own brand of embellished accessories, namely brooches and other bits and bobs. So there is hope for us all, even if we are not experienced in textile art….we can begin anytime.

Who Is This Book Aimed At?

It definitely have a young vibe, yet it could totally become a favourite for anyone who loves the whole pop art, Japanese cute look. The stitches used are simple, so its not difficult to learn.


So here we go…the front cover….

Very eye catching and attractive – it has the Japanese vibe, mixed with a bit of the vintage retro style:


Designs – Simple structures with detailed embroidery, creating realistic imagery in the form of animals, vegetation, junk food and Japanese treats, flowers, crafts, retro styles, Halloween and Christmas. We love the pet portraits.

Tools and Materials – A comprehensive guide on embroidery supplies is offered in order to follow instruction – embroidery floss, needles, transfer tools, fabric hoops and scissors. Each is marked with a letter to make this a very easy process.


Stitch guide – Five basic stitches are used in creating designs, with chain stitch used to fill the background and others to add surface detail ( back, straight and satin stitch and French knots). Each stitch is described in detail with diagrams . Great for beginners or a seasoned embroiderer who would like to perfect their stitch .


A ‘How to’ guide with info and tips on transferring designs, using a hoop, preparing the floss, working the stitches, transferring products and methods, creating patches and badges.


What makes the book special?

We loved the guide diagrams – A detailed follow guide explaining how to read the diagrams with motif number, stitch name, number of strands and colour number.



So many cute images!


Anything Wrong With The Book?

At 88 pages long and with its softback cover, this isn’t your arduous embroidery book ; however its fun and great to attract even those who are not usually embroidery inclined.


You can follow Pocorute via her blog ポコルテポコチルの刺繍にっき ( . I hope you are inspired to create your own designs, using the free motifs offered as a guide. This book evokes memories of my embroidery club at school, creating intricate textiles of mars bars and Christmas baubles. My own work is more abstract now but I do admire the dedication in capturing the essence of a subject small scale, using textile motifs to decorate clothing and soft furnishings.


Want to have a go yourself? Try this one out now, available to purchase through this link.

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