PONY Certain Stitch Needles – perfect stitching!

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Today – sewing needles to help you with perfect stitching

Are you on the way to perfect stitching with these needles?

We all have a favourite sewing needle and if we’re honest we probably don’t stray far from it very often. But if you have a look around you never know what you’ll find – look at these colourful beauties! 

Certain Stitch needles from Pony
Pretty pony packs

These are the Certain Stitch needles from Pony – and what helpful little guys they are. As you will see below, each needle has a mark along the side of it. 

Certain Stitch needles from Pony
Look at their pretty markers – and they are helpful too

As the back of the packaging says, “Be certain of your stitches – The coloured band guarantees neat, uniform stitches.” And it does, giving us the chance of perfect stitching! The little coloured mark is genius. The length from the tip of the needle to the coloured mark is the same length as the coloured mark. 

The blank tip is the same length as the coloured bit

I began stitching with a knot in the back of some fabric. As the needle came through to the front I could see and actually feel slightly when the coloured section was about to come through. That’s your cue to put the point back through the fabric again, and on it goes… It couldn’t be easier. 

PONY Certain Stitch Needles - perfect stitching!
Perfect stitches – you can see the gaps and stitches are the same length, the length of the coloured part of the needle

This review could not have come at a better time for me, I’m about to start hand stitching a quilt and wondered how I was going to keep my stitches the same length. Now I don’t need to worry and I can’t wait to get started.

If you want to see them in action Pony have an excellent video on their website showing oh so nifty tool!

And if you want to buy some and get on the road to your own perfect stitching, you can find stockists by emailing groves@stockistenquiries.co.uk

And don’t forget to visit Pony’s lovely Instagram page to see more of their products.

Have you tried them out yet? How did you get on?

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