Quilted Clothing on Etsy

When I think of quilts I normally think of, well, quilts! I thought I would look around on Etsy to see what kinds of clothing people are making using quilting or patchwork. I have made quilt block tote bags before and I even made a bathrobe, which I posted on Instagram and which actually landed me this writing gig! Below is a snippet picture of my bathrobe, which has pockets too.

My bathrobe quilt

So I think that one of the things we may imagine being sewn up into clothing, using quilt blocks, is a jacket. I found some really unique ones, including a pattern using fabric cakes! The first one up is a very fun snowball jacket that is surely not your normal quilt block. I love the simplicity of the red and white and the whimsical look. It was made by BlankCass. You can also find her on Instagram.

Snowball Quilt Coat by BlankCass

The next one up uses a more traditional quilt block but it is taken up a few notches with the fur trim! It looks amazingly cozy and really makes a fun statement. It is from Lulievision.

Quilt Playa Jacket by Lulievision

Here is the pattern I spoke of using fabric cakes. I think this is a very fun idea and the pattern allows you to customize your pattern. It looks really slick and cozy and I love the buttons! The collar choices allow you to make it more ethnic styled or traditional with the pointed collar which I really like. The possibilities seem endless. The seller is FranCreations.

Jacket Pattern by FranCreations

After jackets I searched around for hats and found this seller who makes very fun bucket hats. The one pictured was made from a quilt from 1970s which is a super fun added element. They look so comfy. It is from RewardStudio.

bucket hat by RewardStudio

Next up is slippers! Who wouldn’t want some cozy soft quilted slippers? These even come with a little bag of the same fabric. LemonStitchArt makes these.

Slippers by LemonStitchArt

Lastly I found a really wonderful cozy scarf that is not necessarily quilted but is patchwork. It looks amazingly cozy and warm. It made me think of a lot of possibilities for making quilted scarves that would make great presents, and would be quick to make compared to a quilt. This is from TrendyStop.

Scarf by TrendyStop

I am now contemplating what quick quilted things I can make for family and friends for Christmas!!! I hope this inspired you to think of quilting clothing items as well.