Quilts in NY

Since I am living in NY on a residency for 5 months I am starting to see where the quilts are. [and not just mine!] Quilts are getting out there. I told you about the red and white show that happened in April of this year which brought it to the attention of the masses and started what I hope to be a chain reaction which lets me take over the world. but in the interim I will share with you some of the goings on here in the large apple.

The Folk art Museum is featuring its Super Star Quilts from the collection.

Newark Museum is having a show called “Patchwork from folk art to fine art”

The City Quilter Gallery is a new gallery featuring quilts and only quilts. They are opening a show up of the Manhattan quilters guild called “Material Witnesses”
[opening reception 6-9p November 14th.]

And of course as a loyal reader of MrX you already know about the show at the Textile Arts center of the local artists from the Push Book.

[I may have chosen images of the shows from the bias standpoint of my own work…but it’s my prerogative so there!]

The Kathryn Markel Fine Arts Gallery is about to have its first Quilt show. We are breaking in! [we as the quilters]

If you are in NY you should go to all of these. and come see me. I’ll even take you around. Quilts are the next big thing! you just watch out!