What’s Ahead for 2021 | Art Quilts

Happy New Year! I am sure we all share the hope that this year will be far better than last year. I don’t know about you but I used a lot of 2020 engaging in a new art/craft. I found myself in pursuit of raw wool to stuff things with and quickly started spinning! I addicted! It seems as though many other people have taken up one art/craft or another as they were stuck at home and many, I believe, have found the beautiful zen that exists in making something.

This thought process led me to think about what is coming this year, in relationship to fabrics and quilting. Now, I know that the design world, the fabric world, and the world of interior design is generally planning on the next year’s trends far in advance but I wanted to see what some trends, or predicted trends, were showing up for the year 2021. So Let’s look at some of the interesting “trends” I have found in relationship to colors, patterns and the types of quilts for this year of hope!

I start with colors in general. When looking around I noted that all the websites/companies were touting colors that promote peace, serenity, calm and many other healing qualities. Apparently Pantone (according to ArtNews), has named a grey and a lemon peel yellow as the “pandemic” colors of the year! I, personally, am in love with lemons and such a yellow!

What's Ahead for 2021 | Art Quilts

Benjamin Moore has named Aegean Teal as their color of the year. It really is a beautiful rich color. They also have a list of other colors they see as being dominant this year.

Another shade of blue is the official Kona color as well. It is called Horizon and it is seen in the picture below. Look out for kits and patterns from Kona that use this color this year!

As it relates directly to quilts, according to the Missouri Star Company, a trend is quilts with stars. Star quilts have been around a long time and I am rather thrilled as stars have long been one of my favorite quilt styles.

Last year I noticed a lot of hexagons showing up on social media. It appears that they are popular still and that the popularity is growing. This is according to the Missouri Star Company who provides the pictures below.

What's Ahead for 2021 | Art Quilts

There are many other trends that we will see as the year develops. Some trends that appear likely are animals through patchwork, paper piecing or applique. There is the trend of using incredibly bright vivid colors. Both of these trends will surely bring a little sunshine and happiness into our lives. Whatever the trend it does look as though there are some interesting new and old ways to approach quilting coming our way this year. We can all use positive trends to look out for in 2021!

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