Seasons of Life Quilt

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by Christine Cunningham

At Mr X Stitch we love to review textile art and embroidery books for you. There are so many great books to discover, packed with needlework inspiration and textile techniques, so we dive into each book to find out what’s good, what’s bad and let you know why you should pick it up. Here’s what we think of Seasons of Life Quilt , written by Sandra L. Mollon, published by C&T Publishing.

Seasons of Life Quilt – Techniques & Patterns for 13 Baltimore Album Quilt Blocks. Take on your next quilting feat with a champion quilt! From expert quilter Sandra L. Mollon, recreate the ‘Seasons of Life’ quilt, which is now a part of a permanent collection of the National Quilt Museum in Kentucky, USA. Appliqué each block for your very own stunning creation. There are 13 unique blocks with a pieced and scalloped border encircling the block.

About the author

Sandra Mollon is a California based textile artist with many years working in traditional hand appliqué. The work in this book is her first attempt at design and working mostly with silk. Her interests include fused art quilts, hand dyeing fabric and thread painting. She holds a bachelors degree in biology and works as a teacher while also teaching applique at weekends. For more fabulous art quilts, information on lectures, workshops and online classes visit Sandra Mollon Quilts

Book Review - Seasons of Life Quilt by Sandra Mollon
Sandra Mollon

Who is the book aimed at?

Experienced quilters can hone their skills to create a fabulous seasoned quilt inspired by a history of quiltmakers. Beginners can learn new skills in applique, embroidery, ribbon work, beading and more to produce individual textiles before attempting such a huge project. Instruction is detailed with good imagery making it achievable at each stage with full-sized templates for each block.


This book is very well laid out with each quilt block page referenced in advance

Book Review - Seasons of Life Quilt by Sandra Mollon
Seasons of Life blocks

with a full-scale template of each design with detailed instruction making the process very accessible.

Book Review - Seasons of Life Quilt by Sandra Mollon
full-scale pattern template

An inspirational history of design and techniques references paintings from the 1800’s, William Morris designs and the Arts and Crafts Movement of the early twentieth century.

Book Review - Seasons of Life Quilt by Sandra Mollon
inspiring cushion cover design for Poinsettia Corner Block

A comprehensive guide in fabrics, colour, value and scale, tools and supplies, arms the quilter with knowledge to make informed choices before they begin.

Book Review - Seasons of Life Quilt by Sandra Mollon
choosing fabrics
Book Review - Seasons of Life Quilt by Sandra Mollon
advice on colour and scale

Techniques are detailed and well documented at each stage for a professional finish:

Prepared-edge applique.

Book Review - Seasons of Life Quilt by Sandra Mollon
prepared-edge applique

Making dimensional flowers including yo-yo, rickrack roses, folded rose buds and pieced leaves.

Book Review - Seasons of Life Quilt by Sandra Mollon
creating rushed roses

Beading adds dimension and sparkle for detail and berries.

Book Review - Seasons of Life Quilt by Sandra Mollon
beading adds dimension and sparkle

Embroidery adds detail and texture to applique designs. Each stitch is clearly outlined in diagram format with examples of photography for a precise teaching method. Includes backstitch, bullion knot, buttonhole, chain stitch, couching, featherstitch, fly stitch, French knot, lazy daisy stitch, ribbon stitch, running stitch, satin and stem stitch.

Book Review - Seasons of Life Quilt by Sandra Mollon
embroidery stitches

Using ink and coloured pencils on fabric is perfect for shading and adding highlights, creating depth and realism. Most colours are transparent, allowing the print and weave of the fabric to show through.

Book Review - Seasons of Life Quilt by Sandra Mollon
using ink adds depth and realism to design

Planning the project with layout diagrams and block placement simplifies the process with detailed instruction on preparing applique block patterns and backgrounds and assembling the quilt with a pull out full-scale template.

Book Review - Seasons of Life Quilt by Sandra Mollon
block placement


Detailed photographs accompany instruction at each stage of the technique process simplifying intricate detail for perfect results.

Book Review - Seasons of Life Quilt by Sandra Mollon
detailed photographs of technique

What makes this book special?

There is a wealth of detailed information to inspire all crafters, including a resources reference and recommended books. Experienced quilters can hone their skills, use the templates to create part or all of this award-winning quilt. Be inspired to create your own quilt. ‘Flora, Fauna, Butterflies and Bugs’ was created by Dianne Schweickert and pieced by Beth Butura in 2018 (featured in the library of quilts section). Beginners can learn new techniques and perhaps create individual textiles before taking on such a huge project. Full-sized templates allows each design to be simplified. Techniques are well documented with instruction, diagrams and detailed photography. Truly inspirational with insight into the complex quilt processes.

Book Review - Seasons of Life Quilt by Sandra Mollon
Flora, Fauna, Butterflies and Bugs’ by Dianne Schweickert and Beth Butura, 2018

Anything wrong with the book?

No! If you are interested in textile techniques or the quilting process you will enjoy and be inspired by the volume of information offered. Comprehensive instruction with detailed diagrams and photography makes this an accessible tool to produce an accomplished quilt or textile applique on any scale.


Get your copy of Seasons of Life Quilt and support independent bookshops.

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Christine Cunningham

Creating art from recycled materials using traditional methods (applique, patchwork, quilting) with a modern exploration into fabric manipulation and padded structure. Unusual materials include hair, plastic, rubber, metal, disintegrating fabrics and found objects. I source my treasures from carboot sales, charity shops and freecycle. Original poetry captures the essence of an experience, an emotional layering to which the viewer can relate on a personal level. I have two bodies of work. The Natural Collection explores abstract flower design and the seasons, religion, visions of India and Buddhism, childhood nostalgia and the seaside. The Womanhood Collection explores natural states of being including breast cancer, sexuality, the ageing process, anatomy, love, fragility and independence. I was inspired by my own experiences of breast cancer, both the physical brutality and fragility of living in the aftermath.

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