Sequintial Art – Marina and the Diamonds


First off apologies everyone for our missed post last month.  As you can imagine things get a little frantic in the studio before Xmas and we got a little snowed under !

One of the very exciting things we were up to was this project for designer Hasan Hejazi.  We were asked to create baroque inspired tonal cut work for three bespoke luxury evening dresses for pop goddess Marina from Marina and the diamonds.  The project included some exciting names including Tim Bret Day (Photography), Thomas Knights (Film) and a suit for the designer by London tailor Gresham Blake.

Are You Ready For Adventure?

Baroque florid ornament for marina and the diamonds

Our designs and drawings were based on victorian florid ornament something that is very good to translate to cut work.  You may have seen some previously in our work for the SIBLING bespoke hats last season.  The initial designs and refining took a long time and the annotations and notes for the embroiderers even longer as there was so much detail involved.

Baroque inspired gold work drafts

The embroideries were executed in cutwork in colours to match the dresses with a fade to either lighter or darker.  There were also a few crystals scattered about to add a bit of light.

pink cut work


Blue cut work


red cut work


The dresses were then put together over four days ready for the photo shoot.

Before the event we hadn’t seen any of the dresses, so we were very excited for the launch.  The first we saw was the full length red piece which marina wore for her performance at the beginning of the night.

Marina and the diamonds baroque club

She then changed into the blue knee length dress which is our personal favourite !


baroque blue for marina


The final pink dress was saved solely for the photo shoot, which you can see in the photos below.   It was lovely to get a chance to flex our cutwork drafting muscles this thoroughly, so we are very grateful to Hasan for getting us involved !  A wonderful project all round.



Pink dress photoshoot marina

Blue dress baloons marina

Red dress marina and hasan


Claire Barrett

Claire Barrett is an embroidery designer who has been working in the embroidery industry for six years. A former Creative Director at Hand & Lock, Claire runs Hawthorne & Heaney, dealing with celebrity clients such as Kanye West and high profile companies such as Henry Poole & Company Savile Row tailors. Claire is passionate about making embroidery accessible to everyone by offering sponsorships to young designers and even running the London Embroidery School to teach beginners classes to those who are interested in getting a taste of what embroidery has to offer.

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