Diane Meyer - Checkpoint Charlie - Cross Stitch

Showtime – Diane Meyer

Diane Meyer is giving an artist talk on Saturday, September 29 at SPARC Gallery in South Pasadena (1211 Mission St) at 6pm. The talk will be in conjunction with the closing reception of her solo exhibition.

The exhibition is based around a series of hand-sewn photographs following the former path of the Berlin Wall and was curated by Claudia Bohn-Spector.

Diane Meyer - Checkpoint Charlie - Cross Stitch

“Diane Meyer’s altered photographs of Berlin are an elegant case in point. “I’m interested in the failures of photography in preserving experience,” she writes, “as well as in the means by which photographs transform history into nostalgic objects that obscure our understanding of the past.” While an artist-in-residence in Berlin, she took pictures of the city and its suburbs, tracing the path of the Berlin Wall in places where only hints of its existence remained. Fascinated by the loaded psychology of these sites and the incomplete ways in which we remember them, she pixelated parts of her original photographs and overlayed them with delicate multi-hued embroidery.
“The sewing, soft and ephemeral, adds a female touch, recalling the ancient art of mending, decorating, and reinforcing cloth. Meyers meticulous stitching pierces the photograph as it heals and conceals the historic fabric to which it alludes, providing a poignant contrast to the unyielding brutality of the Wall itself and reminding us of both photography’s and history’s considerable artifice. What we see in these photographs, then, is what we forget, and it’s only in our erratic remembering that we behold the light of our untouchable past.”

Diane Meyer - Brandenburg Gate - Cross Stitch


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